Band Name Synonyms Part II

Thanks, pink kitten, for starting up the Band Name Synonym Game in this thread! (Thanks also for turning many of us into hopeless addicts… :wink: ). It grew so fast and furious that the original was closed due to length, but Eutycus invited us to continue in a new thread, so here it is!

Brief recap of rules: Create a synonym for a popular band, and people will try to guess them.
(i.e. The Simians = The Monkees)

I’ll step in for DMC and start with the updated list of unanswered clues from the previous thread. If somebody guessed yours wrong on the old thread, please be sure to add it back in.

Still Pending

River Bed In Egypt
Very Wide
Forefront Cafeteria
Highfalutin Herb
The Lonely
Seducer Vacuum
Detached Stoners
Big Score Pleasantry
Appalling Isthmuses
Pallet Argument
cardio-workout gullwing-car
Explosive Powder
Energy Conduit
RFK Challengin’ ?
Tropical fruit, Arthur C. Clarke book
Pioneering dog and his comrades
Guys shielded from the light, on a likewise world
Bearers of Thomas, Leonardo, and Orville
Autry infatuated with harlot of old
Nashville (generally), Bert’s buddy, Found On Road Dead
Proper you and I
Second Ancient King of the Jews In Flames
Start Feeding Solid Food

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

Seducer Vacuum = Romeo Void

new one: definite article definite article


Nashville (generally), Bert’s buddy, Found On Road Dead

Tennessee Ernie Ford, “singer of 16 Tons”.

**cardio-workout gullwing-car **


My addition to the list…

Reason to go to the Carnival.

definite article definite article
The The

Goin’ back to the 80’s, picmr? :wink:

**Pioneering dog and his comrades **

Laika and the Cosmonauts of course.

Gene Loves Jezebel.

Start Feeding Solid Food - Ween
River Bed In Egypt - Styx
Paunch - Belly
Fakers - The Pretenders

I tried to sleep last night, but I couldn’t stop obsessing on this game. Here are some more clues…

Head Honcho

Lovebug palm-penis

Mr. Astaire confirmed the correctness of my statement

Pollywog soggy cog

Hunting dog sorority

Stead papyrus

Nocturnal kemosabe

Daybreak streetwalker

Sweet bean of the arctic

Peahen clan

Night Ranger


Cerulean mollusk sect (this is kinda obvious)


Right Said Fred

Toad the Wet Sprocket (I usually call that band Frog the Dry Cog lol)

Blue Oyster Cult

I’m trying to think of new synonyms that wouldn’t be too obscure…Obviously, it’s not working.

Blue Oyster Cult

Mr. Astaire confirmed the correctness of my statement

– Right Said Fred

Hunting dog sorority

– The Pointer Sisters

Head honcho-Mr Big

Here’s a few…

The Howling Ferrets


Tennessee city feline

The reproducers

Unripe section of week

pink kitten
*I tried to sleep last night, but I couldn’t stop obsessing on this game. *

Hey, it’s your fault – you started it!

*River Bed In Egypt - Styx *
(Are you sure on this one? I thought Styx was in Hell…)

Pollywog soggy cog
I’m still laughing over this one! :slight_smile:

A few answers…

Proper you and I = Just Us (??)
The reproducers = The Breeders
Chasm = Hole

Tennessee city feline = Nashville Pussy

Oops! I forgot to add one:


Nope, sorry, that is incorrect :smiley:

Think of the clue as a compound word

The Howling Ferrets = screeching weasel