Band Name That Are Anagrams or Palindromes of other Bands

Toto - Otto

War - Raw

Slade - Leads

The Beatles - Selteab Eth

REM - Mer

Grateful Dead - Dreadful Gate

Heart - Earth

Nikki - Kinki

New Edition - Iodine Newt

Any others?

GWAR - RAWG? Granted, it is the same people.
Jim Morrison sometimes used the name Mr. Mojo Risin’.

:smack: Maybe that wasn’t exactly what you were asking in the OP, unless some other band borrowed Morrison’s anagram.

Ratt - Tart

The Go-Go’s – S’og-og Eth

They are lean and athirst!

Snap - Span
Abba - Baba (though seems to be a single person not a band)
Tool - Loot
ELO - Loe

If it’s a PALINDROME of another band name, that means that both bands have the same name…unless palindrome has a different meaning in your neck of the woods.

Tesla - Slate.

Excuse me, but huh?

Raw is the palindrome of War.

Two bands that would be palindromes “of each other” would be Warraw and Warraw.

Nope. This is a semordnilap, in which a word spelled backwards spells a different word.

No, “raw” is simply “war” backwards. Neither word is a palindrome according to the definition you posted.

“The palindrome of *Bolton * is Notlob! It don’t work!”–John Cleese (to Michael Palin-drome)

There actually was a Guided by Voices cover band called Voided by Guises.

Er, no. A palindrome, per your definition,is a word or phrase that reads the same backwards and forwards (ignoring niceties of punctuation and capitalization. The first letter is thus also the last letter; the second letter is also the next-to-last letter; and so forth.

“Hannah” is a palindrome; so is “ere”; so is “Madam, I’m Adam.” But war is not a palindrome of raw; war and raw HAVE no palindromes, as they don’t read the name backwards & forwards.

Would you accept a spoonerism?

Buckcherry for Chuck Berry.

The Who - The How
The Kinks - The Skink
Fleetwood Mac - Clawfoot Mede

I give up. I meant a reversal. I don’t use semordnilap.

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Name should be same, of course. And the above line is a palindromic set of emoticons. :smiley:

To be fair, they’re also called “palindromic pairs.”

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