Bands named after places they are not from.

It occurs to me there are a lot of such acts.

The Bay City Rollers are from Scotland, not from Bay City, MI.
Boards of Canada are from Scotland as well.
Of Montreal is of Georgia.

And so on.

Anyone want to expand the list?

Asia is made up of Englishmen.

Japan was three Englishmen and a Cypriot.

Manchester Orchestra (it’s not an orchestra, either.)
speaking of which, Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Per wiki:

They did not become a super bestselling group until long after WW2, of course, by which time they had completely different members. The current Oak Ridge Boys are from several places New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Alabama.

Tokio Hotel are German (thus the spelling of their name).
Berlin are not. (Americans.)
America are from England.
Nazareth are Scottish.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood was British

Iran is an American band.

So is Spain.

Sort of. The band was formed in England, but only one of the members was born there.

I believe they were sons of Americans stationed in England with the US Air Force.

Lothlorien are not from Middle Earth. Probably.

The rock band Texas is from Scotland

England Dan and John Ford Coley were from Texas.

Hanoi Rocks = Finland

Saigon Kick = Miami.

Phoenix are from France, not Arizona…

And Uncle Tupelo were from Belleville, IL.

Architecture in Helsinki are from Melbourne.

I’m From Barcelona are actually from Jönköping, Sweden.

The Dresden Dolls are from Boston.

Son of a BITCH!

Rock band Asia is a bunch of Brits.

Me and a bunch of other Brits used to be in a band called Milwaukee when we were at University. We also used to be called 10% Fruit. We had a bunch of bad names.

The Bronx are from Los Angeles, CA.