Bands or singers that identify with their fans as a group or a family.

Hopefully by my submissions below, you’ll get what I’m driving at.
Kiss - Kiss Army
Lady Gaga - little monsters
ICP - Juggalos

Anymore we can add to this list?

Split Enz/Crowded House/Finn Brothers/other projects = Frenz

Midnight Oil = Oilers

Hunters & Collectors/Mark Seymour = Punters

The really obvious one: Grateful Dead = Deadheads.

The Melvens Call a subset of their fanbase Roboheads because back in the day there was a group who would drink a bottle of Robitussin before the show and then mosh their brains out.

Aerosmith = The Blue Army

Phish Heads

Floyd Freaks

Kesha - Animals

Jimmy Buffett has his Parrotheads

Slatanic Wehrmacht


The Deadheads and the Parrotheads are the ones that I, an outsider to those fandoms, know about.