Bands That Shouldn't Have Gone Downhill But Did.

Let’s ignore Led Zep for the nonce.

While in Taiwan a few months ago, I was treated to a torrent of treacle unlike anything I had heard in ages. It took quite some time before I realized that I was listening to <gasp> The Scorpions. Playing soft rock, no less!?!?! <insert hurking noises here>

We’re talking about the group that wrote, “There’s No One Like You”, one of the finest rock anthems of all time. WTF? What happened? I realize that losing Michael Shenker was a telling blow, but that should not have resulted in such unmitigated pap!

Feel free to name other groups thart have slid down the slippery slope of hogwash inclined output.

To make things easier, perhaps we should just list the ones that haven’t succumbed to the Tripe Volcano Syndrome™.

What’s Tripe Volcano Syndrome?

New Kids On The Block.
:smiley: :smiley:

I don’t know…
Van Halen - (The real one)
Queen - :frowning:

A few personal choices
Twisted Sister
Iron Maiden

what the fuck happened to R.E.M. after Murmer? nothing but shit, pure and simple. these guys were soooo cool when they came out, then went head first into the port-o-can like a bucktoothed bridesmaid goin’ for the bouquet. it’s disparigin’ i tell ya!

the black crows are trying to do the same, but still manage to come up with some good rocking stuff to maintain some credibility.

U2. From The Joshua Tree to Zooropa. What a tragedy…

Aerosmith post drugs.
The Who sans Moon.
The Stones after the 70’s
Soundgarden after badmotorfinger
fat elvis


Jefferson Starship during 1978-81, without Grece Slick. Luckily she came back in late '81.

That should say Grace Slick.

[sub]I’m not posting well these days.[/sub]

R.E.M definitely ‘jumped the shark’ after Monster. From that album on, they have just not had the magic that they used to have, something is just…gone and I can’t really quite articulate what it is exactly, but they are just so mediocre now compared to what they used to be!

They really should have split up after Automatic for the People and left their legend untarnished.

Plus they are printing their lyrics now! Sacriledge! Next it’ll be eponymous albums and all of that foul gunk…

heh… they’ve already done the ‘eponymous’ album. kinda.

besides, i consider naihf to be one of their best albums. certainly not as accessible as automatic, but nonetheless an r.e.m classic. people were just expecting more singles-laden r.e.m.-acousticy goodness. weren’t going to happen.

true, up and reveal seem to have something lacking, but they’re still quite good.