Bands with one song that's covered a lot--do you hear covers of their other songs?

Original intended title: Non-“Under the Milky Way” covers of (the band) Church’s songs

This is something I’ve been wondering about. There are a lot of covers of the Church’s late-1980’s hit “Under the Milky Way.” Lots, as in covers inspire covers of covers. ( There are hardly any covers of which I am aware of anything else by the Church.

The Church (or simply Church, depending on when you ask) weren’t some amateurish one-hit wonder, either. Between their group albums and their solo albums, Kilbey, Koppes, and Willson-Piper are astonishingly prolific songwriters. But they mostly have a cult following.

So, does anyone know of covers of other Church songs? Could be the old jangle-pop, the later trance stuff, or anything.

Since I expect the answer will be, “Nope, haven’t heard any,” I am [del]hijacking[/del] expanding on my own thread to discuss bands that have that one song that has entered the popular culture and gets cover versions a lot, and the cases when their other stuff leaks out of obscurity.

Haven’t heard any Church covers (not even of Milky Way), and until a couple months ago hadn’t heard anything else by the Church period. But I do like their other stuff as well.

I haven’t heard any Smiths covers other than How Soon is Now, which also seems to have been covered by everyone. And they’re not hardly a one hit wonder band either.

Ah! I have heard a few covers of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”!

The Dream Academy back in the 1980’s, and Kaki King more recently. (In that second video, Kaki mentions doing other Morrissey covers.)

Also these:

As a long-term diehard member of said cult, no, I don’t, which is a damned shame because they have tons of stuff in their back catalogue which is very cover-worthy. But their particular style-their 80’s sound, to be specific-is rather passe’, strictly in the sense of not sounding like much of anything being made today. In my late-night fantasies I imagine them undergoing a renaissance sometime in like the year 2060, but when the milky way sets and the sun comes up I realize that is just a pipe dream.

I was a pretty big fan of The Church, but I wasn’t aware of those cover versions of Under The Milky Way. I still have a Starfish T-shirt from 1988. :wink:

Maybe we could send demos of songs like “Loveblind” and “Two Places at Once” to material-hungry pop singers.

Did you know that Steve Kilbey (working with Martin Kennedy of All India Radio) is now offering to write songs on commission? Weird. Of course, as a Kilbey fan, I’m in favor of more songs with his trippy lyrics, but the economic implications are interesting.

Here you go! Knock yourself out! :slight_smile:

Of course it would be “Reptile.” “Reptile” rocks.

That’s a neat site, thanks.