Bands with similar names and sounds

Looking for bands that have similar names and also similar sounds but for coincidental reasons.

Let’s keep this in CS even though I’ll add some fun by awarding points:

0 points: cover bands
0: band already mentioned by another poster
1/2: bands that have similar names and sounds because their names are related to their genre (Satan’s Mistress and Devil’s Rejects are both death metal bands)
1/2: bands that have similar names because one’s name is an homage to another (The Birds and Birdsong, the lead singer of whom is a fan of The Birds)
1: bands whose names don’t have anything to do with their genre
+1: bands have played in the same festival at the same time (Lollapalooza, Lilith Fair, etc) - two bands at the same festival with non genre names would be 2 total, three bands 3 total, etc
+2: one band has opened for another, or they have collaborated, or the lead singer has made a cameo at the other’s concert
Score yourself, and feel free to correct someone elses score - minus points if they failed to notice they have a repeat entry, plus point if they didn’t know about a collaboration
Names should be fairly similar - Deathrats and La Morte and Autopsy are all about death and count, but Deathrats and Satan’s Mistress don’t because they are merely both macabre

My contribution: Coldplay and Snow Patrol
Total: 1 point