Bands you can't believe aren't famous

I can’t understand how Metallica is playing the L.A. Coliseum this year, while Motorhead are stuck playing the House of Blues. Their output since 1992 blows away anything Metallica has done since then.

Maybe that’s why I like them so much. The first time I heard them was when they played a festival in Raleigh, NC and they blew me away! Great show.

Hell anything by Motorhead blows away anything by Metallica any day. Plus they are a hell of a live band, and the good thing is that since not many people goto their shows you can get right up next to Lemmy’s ugly mug and head bang. Some of the best shows I’ve ever seen have been Motorhead.

I’m suprised that Golden Earring is not more popular then they are, they had two hits in the US but after 40 years of music you think that with all the stuff they’ve done you’d know more.

The only reason I wish they were big here (U.S.) is that I could hear them on the radio on a regular basis. When I lived in Potsdam, NY, I listened to Canadian radio stations (CHEZ-106, The Bear, CHOM) and heard them all the time. Now that I’m in Albany, I have to rely on my CDs. But every time I visit Potsdam–even for a weekend, I hear them on the radio at least 3 or 4 times.

Canadian radio is so much better than U.S. (Except for WEQX.)

AFI. That only the Offspring’s coverage of Totalimmortal got this song radio play is proof that something is wrong with the world today. The original is 100x better and the song is just one of the most catchiest things I’ve ever heard.

Now that they’ve signed to a major label I suspect they will finally come into their own. Their older music was just as good as their latest album, and it makes me sad that if they do make big it will be because they now have money behind them, not because their music is better. Oh well.

(AFI is already huge in the scene, so by this I mean commercially successful in the mainstream sense.)

Seven Nations - I can’t believe they aren’t BIG.

Going out on a limb of near total obscurity here, I have to place a vote for Carolyn Mark and Her Roommates. She get some minor amount of notice for playing with Neko Case in a combo called the Corn Sisters, but despite having released a couple of fine albums, having one of the most consistently entertaining live shows you could hope to see and touring extensively in Canada and the US (most recently on a bill with Neko and Kelly Hogan)… larger popularity seems to elude her. If she ever comes through your town, check her out, you’ll have a grand old time or I’ll send you your money back*

  • not an actual offer

Okay, other than Metallica I haven’t heard of ANY of the bands y’all are claiming are famous.

That either makes them NOT famous…or me an official old fogey.

The Slackers I’ve seen them play 5 times over the past 8 years, and they have blown me away every single time.

I’ll add my vote to Flogging Molly and Stubborn Allstars, too.

The point is that they should be famous, but they aren’t.

Bent Blue.

Their day will come, and I can say I knew them when…

I thought the OP said “Bands you can’t believe ARE famous.”

[Gilda Radner voice]Oh. Never mind.[/Gilda Radner voice]

Wes Cunningham should have gained much more noteriety from his album 12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking, but instead he was dropped from his label. I got this CD for free, and going by the creed that you get what you pay for, it took me awhile to start listening to it. Now I can’t stop! Think maybe Jack Johnson, Chris Isaak, and Elvis Costello with a little salsa infusion and you’ll be close.

I also think Belle and Sebastian should be more famous, but they do have what you might call a devoted cult following.

Guster is another great band that’s been around awhile, but is probably about as well known as Fountains of Wayne.

Well, this list could keep going on, but it would be more of a “what fizgig would like to hear on the airwaves” list.

Is that on an album or do you have to download it? I love Fountains of Wayne’s version and since I love Travis, I would love to hear it. Anyone know where I can find it?

I got it from that one website that starts with K. It’s not a studio version, and I’m not aware of one on their albums. But then, I don’t care for Travis, so YMMV.

The Four Postmen. Another obscure and regional thing, if I am correct. Anyone in the L.A. ever heard of them/seen them play? Mostly little clubs, like the Lava Lounge. They are tight musicians and very clever with the lyrics. Occasionally, their songs will show up on one of the file-sharing sites - they do have two or three CDs out.

Hey, T4P - miss you boys, when you coming back to Palm Springs?

I don’t understand why Marshall Crenshaw isn’t hugely popular. Granted, his music doesn’t reinvent the wheel but he’s consistantly tuneful and catchy.

Magnetic Fields is another worthy band- “69 Love Songs” hasn’t left my cd player since it came out.

Then again, I like when my fave bands aren’t TOO famous- I can go see them in small clubs and not be herded like cattle at some godforsaken arena.

As a fan of Fountains of Wayne, let me be the eighth or ninth person to bemoan their (relative) lack of success.

The band I wanted to mention was the Pernice Brothers. Their music is uplifting, their lyrics heartbreaking…it’s the sort of thing I could listen to 100 times in a row and not get tired of. And almost no one seems to know who they are, outside of mainly rock critics. Since Joe Pernice insists on releasing the Pernice Brothers’ albums off his own tiny label, that’s the way it will probably remain.

Doubledrive, The Nixons, Kings X.
Very good bands, but with little widespread recognition.

people just do not know how to appreciate music.

it no longer surprises me that the very best music is unheard of within the masses, yet worshipped in close circles.

i will not even bother to mention any bands … that would be blasphemous.