BANG II - The Sequel

A few questions about this article:

(1) Are we all going to die? I mean at once, silly. And take the planet with us?!?

(2) How does this prove anything about how what they come up with has to be what things were like right after the first Big Bang?

(3) What would this do - if anything - to the competing ideas that run contrary to the Big Bang, should they get the desired results (and the earth doesn’t vanish)? How about id they don’t get what they anticipate?

I await answers suitable for lay-people and experts and those of us in between! And maybe a debate? We’ll see…

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Well, that’s just great. How 'bout a little dose of terror, scarecrow.

On the side of doom: (question #1)

If we all disappear at once, with the globe, gobbled by “strangelets” do we die or are all we are all simutaneously transported at once to somewhere else. How will we know it’s happened? Just one minute we’re fine, and then the next it’s somehow different? Will the universe just turn inside out?

I have to go find a bag to put over my head just now.


This Wagner sounds like a nutcake. Remember, the Earth is constantly bombarded with cosmic ray particles, some of which are FAR more powerful than anything produced in human experiments, and we are still here. To continue to try to have the experiment shut down, even after it has been running with no ill effects for months, shows a degree of mental fixation that borders on neurosis.


Yeah, I heard about this a while ago. Possible doomsday scenarios were (1) forming strange matter that chain-reacts with regular matter and gobbles up the Earth (2) forming a black hole which gobbles up the Earth. I didn’t see much about this in the news, but there was some discussion about how small the odds were of something like that happening (doesn’t help one sleep any easier does it?) And, like G.W. said, I also heard that more energenic reactions occur naturally all the time in our upper atmosphere.

Anyway, the idea of smashing atoms together is to break them apart and to look inside. Right after the Big Bang, there were no atoms, so this gives some insight. CERN (Switzerland’s particle accelerator) has been looking quark-gluon plasmas lately.

As in any scientific venture, any new/conflicting evidence would either be incorporated into the existing theory (modifications if necessary) or the theory would be tossed out. But there’s lots of good evidence for the Big Bang Theory, so throwing it out entirely is unlikely.

IIRC, during the Manhattan Project there was a small minority of scientists who believed that the Bomb might just ignite the entire atmosphere in a chain reaction and kill us all. They didn’t stop that one either. The big difference here is that this time, we know of the concerns beforehand instead of ex post facto.

Naturally, the Manhattan Project’s success does not in any way preclude this particular experiment being the disaster that some have predicted. However, the evidence doesn’t seem to support their side.