Banghazi and Khashoggi

My far-right uncle has been sharing a meme that appears to be justification for not caring about Jamal Khashoggi.

‘I’m so sick of Liberals beating on this murder [photo of Khashoggi]’

‘They didn’t give two shits about the deaths of these four men. They said what difference does it make? [photo of four men killed in Benghazi]’

BENGHAZI! Still a right-wing rallying cry.

They said “what difference does it make?” and the similar Obama said “you didn’t build that” are one of my automatic off-switches for paying attention to conservatives. If they are too stupid and/or ill informed to have never seen or understood the context of either of those quotes (both mean opposite of what conservatives claim, of course), how valuable can any of their “information” be?

Ask your uncle if Obama decided to be buddy buddy with the people ordering the attacks.

Ask your uncle if he’s a liar or an idiot.

If he knows what he’s saying isn’t true then he’s a liar. If he believes what he’s saying then he’s an idiot.

Hillary Clinton was being asked what motive the attackers had for killing four Americans. Her response to that was “What difference does it make?” And she was right; there was no acceptable motive that would have excused the killings.