Banker steals $18M, spends $3.5M on hookers and wine...

the rest he wasted.

Well New Zealand’s Bernie Madoff, Stephen Versalko has been sentenced to six years jail for his ten years of defrauding clients of some $18 million dollars. Funnily enough it seems he was only caught when one of his victims saw a documentary on Bernie Madoff. She noticed the similarities between how Madoff operated and her own investments with Versalko.

From the article:

As if he didn’t have enough trouble, just wait until the prostitutes read this. Imagine the phone call he’ll get:

“What’s wrong with me, Stevie? How come she got three times as much money as me? Is she prettier than I am? You said I was your ‘million dollar baby,’ Stevie!”

“What’s she got that I haven’t?”

Dentures. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… I wonder how much he’ll have when he gets out.