Banks and sundays

I know (all, here) banks are closed on sundays. But do they have anyone inside, processing checks? I ask because I want to cash a check to myself tonight, but the money isn’t in my bank account… but it would be there monday afternoon… I figure if banks aren’t open sunday, then even if the night depository gets used, it won’t start its processing until that morning, giving me plenty of time to get money in there.

Checks aren’t usually processed inside the individual branch ofices, anyway. They are normally processed at a central location (possibly one of several, for very large interstate banks), and these are normally in operation Monday through Frdiay. You should be OK; I’ve done this myself once or twice.

Ok, thanks. Glad I cheQ.E.D. on that.

Please be careful with writing checks to yourself when there’s no money in the account. In case you didn’t know, it’s called “kiting” and is considered fraud.