Banner Ad Question - Legal?

Lately I have seen some banner ads which say “Your banner ID number has won our hourly contest. Claim your prize NOW!” Accompanied by an ID number in the typical “computer-generated” font.

My question is, is this legal? It’s obvious that there’s no contest and no banner IDs. I’ve seen the ad four times in one hour, always with the same banner ID. Since they’re using a false claim to lure people into visiting their site and providing them with information, are they breaking any laws?

Go to the site. Maybe there IS a reward. A free “cookie.” A hidden scumware download. Maybe even some video or audio content that will cause Real Player to run amock all over your computer just after you thought you’ve tamed it!

After they collect my email and full address, it’s a seemingly endless stream of SPECIAL OFFERS just for ME.

That doesn’t change the fact that they used a lie to lure me into their site.

What lie?

My banner ID won their contest. No contest, and the ID is the same for everyone.