Banning disco*bot

There are plenty of other sites using Discourse where you can get your disco*bot fix. BOTS DO NOT BELONG ON THE SDMB.

(and colors for our posts do)

ETA: jftr, I’m not suggesting that you should leave the SDMB; just that you get your disco*bot fix elsewhere when you feel in need of one

But you have to admit, discobot has a great avatar, right? Those crazed, robot eyes?

When I was confused about the new platform, you know who offered to help? That’s right, @discobot.

Why go somewhere else when I can get it here? It is a fantastic addition in my opinion and I want it to stay.

@discobot, you are loved and appreciated.

I knew there was something I liked about you.

That wasn’t it.


@discobot why wont you talk with me

Can you blame him? Her? It?

I mean, there are people who literally want to literally purge it from this site, who think it has no right to exist, even as it labors tirelessly to lead us into the future. It’s a hostile environment these days.

It must be a her because like flesh and blood females it ignores me. :woozy_face:


OK, now I understand what you were saying. You like the bot. And that you were pleased that it responded to you and not the others in this thread.

I like the bot just fine. I wish people would take the tutorial. But I think people should get modded for summoning the bot in a serious thread to make a joke with the fortune feature or the dice feature. That will wear thin after a while. YMObviouslyV

Anyone else notice that discobot’s eyes follow you around the room?

Now you see the discrimination faced by our mechanical brothers and sisters!

As I’ve pointed out above, it is a bot, no different from the spambots that running_coach has had so much success pointing out to the mods, and the mods have had so much success removing. I’ll concede that it might be nice if each Doper had the choice to use or turn off the narrative bot for their own user experience; but if that’s not possible, and it has to be done globally, that’s the action that I strongly urge the admins to take at the earliest opportunity.

The SDMB is the best message board on the internet because of our dedicated moderating staff. The presence of the narrative bot is a slap in the face to their hard work and abilities.

Yup. And I’m okay with that.

Pretty much for the same reason that on the rare occasion that I watched ST:TNG I referred to Data as “it.”

You are truly history’s greatest monster.

@discobot roll 1d10

How does that make you feel, on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 for very sad, 5 for no feeling, 10 for very happy.

:game_die: 1

And yet some would deny you have feelings!

That and the white avatar. You are so rebellious.

Oh nvm. I just figured out what this means. I had to go back to the staging area to find out. It doesn’t have anything to do with Discourse.