Banning the importation of cloning-derived therapies: political impact

I’ll do my best to dig up a cite (I found it in a newspaper just this evening), but I had no idea that one version of the anti-cloning bill would prevent any medical treatment derived from cloning from reaching our shores. I’m probably just uninformed, and the most recent clone-ban thread here, AFAIK, is quite a long time ago.

What I’m wondering is, how will support of this version of the bill go over in a couple of years? How will its supporters try to justify it, particularly in the face of the sick and dying people those therapies could help, and how will their political opponents try to take advantage of it, if in any way?

Of course, this is not necessarily a partisan issue; both sides of the aisle support both sides of the cloning debate. Even Senators known for their staunch pro-life stance have come out against the ban. So perhaps the results will depend on whether the politicians in question are Democrats or Republicans…?

What do y’all think?