Barack Obama And The "Blagogate" Scandal

This is too silly even for Fox. OAN, maybe…

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He’s fellating Putin’s dog.

Oh boy, that’s a lot more hazardous than it sounds. Have you seen his dog?

So, he’s down in Mar-a-Lago?

Right wing media threw everything at Obama no matter how tenuous the link so the fact this got very little play from them must mean there is nothing here to look at.

Trump only dreams of being Putin’s dog.

Seriously, @CHealy7 . (Are you still there?) Why are you bringing this up now? Just getting caught up in the backlog of the news, eh?

I still think Obama should have resigned in disgrace after wearing that tan suit.


Dear @CHealy7 - We have established conclusively that you suck.

The question before us for debate, now, is to determine whether there is any way in which you do not suck.

I am skeptical, myself. But your input will be considered.

I must admit this thread has bigly gained in entertaining value since it was moved to the Pit.
Now not whishing to hijack or derail this heart-warming Chealy7 thrashing, my curiosity is still piqued about this obsession some people apparently have with those cream coloured garments they call “tan suits”. Knowing nothing about that subject, it somehow feels insufficient for an own thread.
And now after this brief intermission back to the OP’s lambasting!

"On August 28, 2014, Obama held a press conference about the situation regarding ISIS in Syria, and how the US military was planning to respond to it. At the conference, Obama said that the U.S. had yet to develop a plan regarding the removal of ISIS, and talked extensively about his concerns in the region. During the conference he wore a tan suit, which up until that point was uncommon for Obama to do. A light-colored suit is considered casual summer wear that was seen by conservative media outlet Fox News as being too casual for a press conference on such a serious matter. The controversy was seen in the context of the slow news season before the run-up to the 2014 election campaign. The suit received mixed reviews from a fashion perspective.

There was significant backlash from some conservative circles. Republican Representative Peter King of New York called Obama’s wearing of the suit while talking about the economy instead of terrorism unpresidential, and stated that “There’s no way, I don’t think, any of us can excuse what the president did yesterday. I mean, you have the world watching.” According to conservative Justin Sink of The Hill, most people viewed Obama’s fashion choice to be a mistake."

In a nutshell; one of the right-wing media’s most ridiculous attempts to take every single thing Obama said or did and turn it into the most shocking, scandalous, most dastardly of deeds committed by any president since Harding.

Oh. Yes, well… thank you.
“They’re crazy, those 'murricans!”, as Obelix would say
</ headscratching>

Right. The proper way to look “presidential” is to spray yourself with orange dye, wear the pelt of a deceased orange marmoset on top of your head, and call a press conference to announce to the world that you are a “very stable genius”. For added impact, it doesn’t hurt to have a piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

These photos, for example, show a proper presidential dark suit:

I agree. This should be investigated. What was the quid pro quo here? The whole commutation of Blago’s sentence smelled fishy from the outset.

If those tan suits are the color of your cream, I suggest getting a better quality of cream.