Barack Obama And The "Blagogate" Scandal

Pretty sure M. -Lux is French. I’ve never had creme fraiche in France, so I’m not prepared to state that it’s NOT that color.

I’m half tempted to think the “thought” process here was, “I’ll prove how corrupt the Democrats are by pardoning the Democratic politician that fellow Democrats charged, convicted and sentenced for corruption!”

Probably with a “Tee-hee!” at the end.

Wasn’t Blagojevic on one of Trump’s dumb fucking TV shows? That would have probably been enough. (Combined with Trump admiring Blago’s corrupt ways.)


President Obama never got impeached, MAGAtrash. Not even close.
Sucks for you, huh?

Eh, expect any Democratic president to be impeached anytime the Repubs hold a majority in the House from here on out. Probably several times.

His wife was also all over Fox News repeatedly drawing parallels between his conviction and the Mueller investigation.

What should they be doing? Working for the betterment of the American people?

Please, tone that down the sarcasm, I just snorted crème fraîche all over my keyboard!

Hmm… looking at our OP’s history it looks like in 3 out of 5 threads of some sort of similar bent, he fails to ever come back.

And on the matter of the subplot, we know for those who got all huffy with the whole bullshit about Obama’s suit, that the suit’s colorway was not what was really upsetting them…

Why are y’all harassing CHealy7? Don’t you realize that poster has resigned from this thread in disgrace?


Can I be the only person stunned by how bad CHealy7’s threads are? Given the given the enormity of this scandelous posting why hasn’t CHealy7 resigned from the board in disgrace?

ETA: Damn beat by Monty.

They has, it seems. The thread, anyway.

Blagogate can be anagramed to goat bagel, which makes more sense than the OP.

When you misbehave at the troll farm, they make you troll the lesser byways of the internet.

CHealy7 must have slept with the commissar’s wife. And daughter.

How about, next time OP starts a similarly stupid thread, we all try being nice to him? Just for the grins. See if he comes back then.

I’m sure both ladies found the experience quite restful.

Rumor has it that they were every bit as dry as Ben Shapiro’s wife when the boots were playing knockety knock.

Are you sure it was two ladies?