Baraka on Blu-ray: Looks to be mind-blowing

Seems like Barack is not alone in the prompting of seemingly koolaid-induced witnessing these days.


They spent 16 months restoring the original 70mm film and it is the first film scanned at 8K.

He seems to be in good company with other raving reviews that can be found on the site.

100 minutes of documentary features, too. And free wallpaper and avatars.

I’m kinda giddy…

I’ve got “dial-up” and can’t wait the 6 hours for your link to load. What the hell is this about?

What is Baraka?

IMDB site.

Sorry to hear about your dialup. :wink:

Watch it, Mr.!

Sounds like somebody’s political career!

Wow, thanks for the heads up!

Any idea if the new bonus features will match the visuals with actual locations? I posted a thread about that here a looonnng time ago. ETA: it looks like the Production link has some, but not all location references.
Baraka is a visual odyssey for the mind. Set to ethereal music — though it never approaches new-agey — without words yet with a clear sense of theme it is a deeply abstract philosophical experience. A useful description is far beyond my ability with words.

It’s worth upgrading to a Blu-Ray player.

That would be very cool. My VHS tape of the movie came with a map of the world where the scenes were shot, but no way to tell what was what.

It WOULD be cool. I watched it for the first time probably in the last month or two (via Netflix), and there were several places I really wanted to identify. I looked at the Wikipedia article, and it was only of limited help.

I love this movie. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been resisting Blu-Ray but this may tip me over.

One of the bonus features is a documentary called “BARAKA: A Closer Look”.

Maybe they’ll divulge all of the where’s/what’s there.

We picked it up at Border’s this evening. I’m half-watching some of the bonus features while waiting for my better half to get off the phone with her mom so we can watch it. Full debriefing upon completion of my mission.

It is spectacular.

Aside from noticing the pores in people’s faces, I have never really noticed much of a difference in Blu-ray, until now.

It doesn’t appear that they’re going to do a play-by-play of all locations in the documentary, but I did find an imdb page that lists all of the locations:

And the wikipedia site seems to be pretty thorough:

Thanks! … I think. (looks like you just sold a Blu-ray player to the Dvl household).

I only own about four movies; three I’ve had in both VHS and DVD – The Wall, Live from Pompeii, and Baraka. It looks like it’s time to upgrade again!

Oh, just in case anyone missed it – it looks like there’s a sequel (if you can call it that) coming out next year: Samsara

Thanks for the heads-up on this. I just added it to my Netflix queue. They have both Blu-ray and regular DVD formats available.


I saw Baraka in the theatre, fifteen years ago - and was appropriately blown away.

I’ve seen it a few times on VHS since then - and while that’s very nice and all, it’s not like seeing it in the theatre.

I have been wanting to get a blu-ray player for a while now - this is probably the title that’ll make it happen.


It is really amazing. It turns your HDTV, at times, into a window to a world so crisp, that you feel like you can reach through and touch what you see.

And Baraka the film was already an amazing piece of art.

EDIT: "D’oh! Never mind. Point already made.

Funny, I listed pretty much that quote in the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Double D’oh! :smack: My attempt to cover up my addle-mindedness has been foiled. I was pointed to this thread from another one, and when I clicked on the link, it took me to the bottom. Yes, I should have looked at the OP more closely before replying.

No worries. :slight_smile: Might as well give everyone another chance to go out and burn up some Holiday gift cards.

Sadly and contrary to previously stated hopes, the extras do not include an exhaustive map/schedule of the filming. :frowning:

It’s a pretty cool film. I’ve met the filmmaker, Ron Fricke: we showed the film in 70mm at the theater I worked at. And I know the guy who did the 8K restoration. (I should hit him up for a free copy of the DVD!)

Fricke also made my favorite IMAX film: Chronos. Like Baraka, it’s a lot of beautiful time-lapse scenery, with an underlying message. And of course, IMAX is better than standard 70mm, and much better than Blu-ray.