Barbary Pirates in Iceland and Ireland?

I have always found this little sidelight of history interesting.

During their heyday the Barbary Pirates ran a pretty extensive slave gathering operation in the Mediterranean and points further north. (They - along with other North African nations also ran large slaving operations that supplied fairly distant destinations - including virtually all the slaves that initially wound up in the New World (including the U.S.)

In 1627 they raided Iceland several times and succeeded in carting off hapless residents of that island.

In 1631 they scooped up the entire village of Baltimore Ireland (leaving only two elderly people who had no value). Of that group only one or two (IIRC) were ever heard from again - they had relatives who managed to send ransom to free them.

This is a pretty interesting book on the Baltimore raid:

Slaving raids into SW England were common.

Funny, I’ve been interested in those Iceland abductions recently, too. It’s hard to find accounts of it. There’s like, one historical account, and one modern book that mentions it. Does anyone have a bigger bibliography? (ETA: in English?)

It is mentioned at least a bit in the book I mentioned earlier - it is been a long time since I read it so I don’t remember how much detail was given.

Peter Lamborn Wilson wrote about the Barbary pirate raids at some length, iirc, in his Pirate Utopias. Of course, he may not be seen as a reputable historian!

And somewhere else, much more recently, I read the theory or surmise that the Norse Greenland settlements latterly also suffered from slave raids by Moorish pirates, which may have had a decisive role in their failure.