Barney and Scooter are getting married

With marriage equality coming to NY, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are getting married. Congrats to them!

NPH’s fiancé plays a muppet?

Scooter was Lily (“How I Met Your Mother”) last bf before Marshall.

I had absolutely no idea that’s who NPH’s boyfriend was. Of course they would play the two most women-obsessed (or woman-obsessed in Scooter’s case) on HIMYM.

So why did they wait for New York State to make the change? They could have married in several other states earlier.

I think people are reading a lot into something he didn’t actually say. He’s not getting married right now and he’s definitely not getting married just because NY has gay marriage.,,20505702,00.html

Holy crap, THAT Scooter? LOL

Is there any benefit to getting married in a state other than the one you live in if it doesn’t recognize out of state marriages?

New York has recognized out of state same-sex marriages since 2008.

Really? Your article seems to suggest the only obstacle was waiting for it to become legal:


He publicly acknowledged his engagement… which happened five years ago. I doubt he was waiting on NY as that wouldn’t make any sense.

If he wasn’t waiting on NY he would have gotten married shortly after his engagement.

I thought this thread was going to be about two muppets getting married on Sesame Street, and I thought: There goes the PBS funding!

But why would he wait on NY? He doesn’t live there and neither does his family.

This article refers to him as a “New York resident”.