Barry Bond's skull

Why don’t pitchers throw at Bond’s head to keep him off the plate? Why is it that most pitchers seem to be serving him balls rather than daring him to stand in the box? Is multi-million BOBBY BONDS INC involved or is the entire MLBA just that stupid? Everybod else would be playing dodgeball. I smell a rat.

Well, plunking him will still put him on base. And it will rile the Giants up, giving them a shot of adrenaline. And if everyone started plunking him, umpires would be forced to keep a shorter leash on pitchers and inside pitches. And I doubt MLB would like its guys trying to injure their biggest star in the World Series, since I’m sure there’s quite a few people who are watching soley for Bonds.

And, would you want to see a twenty-five man roster headed for you, led by Barry Bonds holding a bat? He hits 3.23" spheres upwards of 400 feet routinely. Anyone want to figure out what it can do to the guy who threw it at him?

If an Angel pitcher threw a pitch at Bonds’ head, the Giants staff would likely unleash a barrage at the Angels hitters.

It would not be a pretty site.

In the World Series, nobody wants to get kicked out or suspended. There’s no point. It’s sort of like how fights go down in the NHL playoffs.

Hehe I thought this thread would be about someone using Barry’s dome as evidence that he was a juicer.

As far as pitching to him–yeah, he’s hit a couple of bombs. Notice that they didn’t have a big effect on the outcome of the game.

I wonder how many homers Bonds would have if he couldn’t crowd the plate with that damn elbow pad. Wuss.

If you want to solve the problem of people crowding the plate, have the umpires enforce the batter’s box and move it off the plate. Players should be allowed to wear as much protective equipment as they can carry, IMHO. Telling them not to would be equivalent to telling football players they can’t wear helmets.

As for why Bonds’s (please, please, please; if someone’s name ends with S, to make it possessive you add an apostrophe and another S. Please, it’s not a plural. Thank you. This from a guy named Jones, so I should know) head isn’t throw at more often, that’s easy; because headhunting is cause for ejection, and a pitcher who gets ejected from the World Series could cost his team the ring.

Bonds doesn’t actually crowd the plate that badly. David Eckstein is way, way worse, and some guys who aren’t in the postseason (Carl Everett) are worse still.

Exactly what I thought, too.

As for the OP, I was thinking about that today. If you’re going to walk him, why not throw one pitch instead of four? I don’t mean every time and I wouldn’t go so far as to throw at his head. But plunk him once in awhile on the thigh or in the armor.