Barry Sanders

I don’t follow sports a whole lot other than reading the headlines, but I know that Barry Sanders is not currently playing.

Did he retire, or just decide to sit out?

If he hasn’t retired, is he looking for someone to re-sign him?

I believe he retired, under contract, which means he can’t play for another team until his contract would have ran out. lots of people are wondering if he just doesn’t want to play for detroit anymore. at least that’s the way i understand it.

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And yet, he’s still going for something like 7 million dollars in my fantasy football league. I wonder if anyone’s been stupid enough to try to pick him up?

Metroshane has Barry’s situation right.

And Drain, there is an owner in our league not only holding on to Barry Sanders, but he also has Joey Galloway. Why? No idea, but his record is indicative of his lineup.