Baseball Brawls

Why can professional athletes get into real-life fights during games, i.e. a baseball brawl? I can’t beat up the guy i’m sitting next to at the stadium because he spilt his nachos on me and not get arrested, so how come the uniformed police officers at these sporting events don’t arrest a batter for charging the mound and wrestling with a pitcher? Is there a special law for them?

I may be mistaken, but I think someone(the victim) has to press charges. It’s doubtful anyone on either team would be willing to do that.

IIRC, when Marty McSorely(great name for a hockey player eh?) was prosecuted for hitting a guy in the head with his stick, the prosecution had to show the behavior was well outside of the normal conduct of the game. Fighting is against the rules in baseball, but still pretty common.

Again, I could be wrong.