Baseball Caps

What is the origin of the baseball cap? Was this type of cap around before Abner Doubleday began taking the world serious? I searched for the uniform of a cricket player, figuring the cap originated there, but the earliest I could find was from the 40s. I have seen early baseball cards of Cobb, Speaker and Wagner and they are all wearing cruder versions of the modern basball cap. Anyone?

This site claims that on March 14 of 1860 the first baseball cap was designed. It is one of those “On this day in history” sites.

Funee, I thought YOU of all people would know the so called “baseball” cap is merely an adaptation of the gimme cap. Some people claim it was invented by John Deeres cat. But actually it was invented by Cain as an incentive for Able to buy his livestock feed. We all know how that eventually worked out.
Sly, the roman legions wore a wool cap with a leather brim. Knowing the romans they probably stole the idea from somebody else.

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Why do all those baseball players (except the catcher) wear their caps backwards?

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Man, it is baseball lore that catchers is DUMB.Even before Yogi it was lore. odd, but true. Been dinged in the head too often, maybe. You and i know they are usually the most savvy and crafty players on the field. But the real reason the don’t wear theirs backwards too is cause they cant tell the front from the back, take alook at their new fangled hats, hard shells, no brim ,noway to curl the brim into a cool shape or stick it in your pocket. I alwuz thot they ALL wore um sidewise anyways.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

I always wondered why so many americans wear baseball caps so often?

Is it just because people have a bad hair day?
I noticed recently that our Toronto police are wearing them now and I think it really looks cheap.

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