Baseball Coaching Question

What is the best way to deal with a starting pitcher calling for the bullpen in the middle of the second inning, admitting he’s finished, has no pop on the fastball and no snap on the curve, and taking himself out of the game?

Send him back to AAA probably.

If we aren’t talking Professional ball then take him out and put in your next pitcher.

You’d certainly want your trainers to take a look at him, and determine if he’s injured or ill.

If you’re the manager, and you’re on the mound with a pitcher who’s saying this, you’d likely ask the catcher (and maybe the infielders) if they agree that his pitches aren’t right, but if the pitcher himself is telling you he doesn’t have it, insisting that he stays in there isn’t likely to be a great idea.

Have your trainers look at the guy. He’s probably injured or hurt himself. Might need a psyche evaluation if no injury is present. Could be a case of the yips, like what Rick Akiel went through.

What level of baseball are we talking about? I can’t imagine that happening at the higher levels, although if the guy is injured or feels that something isn’t right, they can signal to the dugout for the manager or pitching coach.

But, in the lower level of the games, you’d just have to understand that kids are kids. A couple of games being bored to tears in left field would improve his attitude towards pitching.

I think Chris Archer of the Pirates might have done something like this in his last start. Hurdle took him out but was prepared with a reliever he had just brought back up.