Baseball Playoff Game Attendance

I’ve been watching the playoffs and last night it looked as though there were quite a lot of empty seats in Miami. This morning I looked at the game stats in the paper and noticed the numbers:
A-65,829 (36,331)
So, what’s the difference in the numbers mean?
BTW, for Boston it was:
A-34,209 (33,991)
That one makes me think it’s the numbers for actual attendance and paid attendance, but there sure is a big difference in Miami’s numbers.

Ever since the 1994 strike baseball reports only ticket sales, not turnstile count. The # in parens is # of seats, so the extra is standing room. So at Boston standing room was 218. The numbers for Miami were wrong-on TV I saw no empty seats & 65,000 + was announced, as was today.

The first number is ticket sales. The second number is the normal capacity of the stadium.

The Marlins rarely ever sell the extra seats that they used in the playoffs. They are usually only used by the Dolphins or for the Orange Bowl game.

Thanks for the answers…I guess the empty seats I saw belonged to a bunch of people who had gone to the bathroom. Sure were a lot of tired people standing in Miami.

No, there was nobody standing in Miami…It’s a double decked stadium, and they don’t open the second deck for baseball. However, because it’s the playoffs, and they knew they could sell 30,000 extra seats by opening it, they let people sit up there for the playoffs. I’m sure there were about 10,000 of THOSE seats empty, too…it’s a big stadium, when everything is open for seating, probably close to 70 or 75,000.

The football capacity for Pro Player Stadium is listed in sources as about 74-75,000.