Baseball Question

Anyone know what is the average number of singles, doubles, triples and home runs hit in a major league game?

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Here are the totals from 2010 for the National League. You can change to the AL or the year by changing the url.

From those season totals, one can figure out the average in a game by dividing by 30 (the number of MLB teams), and then by 162 (the number of games each team plays in a season), then multiplying by 2 (since two teams play in each game).

For MLB in 2010, that yields, in an average game, across both teams:

  • 11.8 singles
  • 3.5 doubles
  • 0.4 triples
  • 1.9 home runs

Wait, I found a better page. I knew had one…

It says that all stats are per game, but I think it means per game per team. (It has to be, since it’s impossible to average 38 PA for both teams combined.)

Agreed that it has to be per-team. And, I’m reassured that my math was correct. :slight_smile: