Baseball stadium dimensions rules

What are the rules for the dimensions in MLB stadiums? (i.e. minimum distances)

Every stadium built or remodeled after 1958-325 ft down the lines, 400 ft to dead center.

Field dimensions.

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Interesting. Your link verifies what you say, yet the left field line at Minute Maid Park is 315 feet.

The dimensions at newest Yankee Stadium violate the rules as well, being only 318 down the left field line and 314 down the right field line.


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I’m sure they just asked the league and got permission to violate the rules.

Some places just can’t quite fit a ballpark properly. Pacific Bell Park couldn’t, either, hence the big wall in right field. I think the idea is that they didn’t want any goofy measurements like they had at the Polo Grounds, or the LA Coliseum. If they won’t allow any wavering from that rule whatsoever, it’s arguably possible that San Francisco has no baseball team today.

Or Philadelphia’s old Baker Bowl (280 feet down the right-field line).

The rule came into effect when MLB decided they wanted some standardization where there was none. In older stadiums, the dimension were determined by the lot where it was built. That’s why there were short fences and such – you couldn’t put the Green Monster any further back because there’s a street on the other side of it. MLB also pushed for symmetrical stadiums.

That changed in the 90s, when places like Orioles Park at Camden Yards was built in a “retro” style. Fans liked the idea of uneven dimensions and even playing fields that weren’t level (e.g., Tal’s Hill at Minute Maid Park). Nowadays, you build these sort of things into a stadium, and it’s not surprising that MLB is willing to ignore the rule in order to please the fans.