Basic physics calculators on the net

I’m editing some basic high school science materials. For a while I’ve only had Life Sciences and Chemistry to deal with, the Physics coursework had been going to someone else. But that ended a couple days ago, when on short notice I was asked to take on the Physics materials :eek:

I’m (somewhat) fine with the general concepts and whatnot, but checking the math is going excruciatingly slow (the general subject in this round is kinematics). Is there a good, Web-based set of calculators out there that will allow me to plug in various bits of problems and check the author’s math? I’m a wee bit desperate here.

For context, the section I’m working on is:

The bit that’s been sticking in my craw for a bit is figuring out the initial velocity. Is 6m/sec correct? Beats me, everywhere I’ve found wants me to put in initial velocity and solve for the rest, not the other way around.


The HyperPhysics site includes many calculators.

I think in this problem they are telling you how far away the rock landed from it’s initial position in the horizontal direction. Thus, you solve backwards to get the initial velocity, which is correct in this case. 48m/8sec = 6m/sec.

Thanks Squink, HyperPhysics is indeed a great place. The drive-me-up-a-wall-to-post-in-desperation bit was that, while it’s been a lifesaver, the launch velocity applet doesn’t seem to work :frowning: (Or it does and I’m more of a moron than I thought.)

With apologies to HyperPhysics: The notion just popped into my head to try it with IE, rather than FF, and whoa… it worked perfectly.
Oh, and thanks Mr. Mace!