Basketball Spinning Photo in the Guinness Book

This is something I’ve meant to ask here for years, but never remember when I’m actually at a PC.

When I was in grade school (1988-1994), I remember my friends and I finding a picture of a man spinning multiple basketballs in the Guinness Book of Records. My memory of the picture would suggest it was probably taken in the 70s, and it was probably an edition of the book from around then (my school’s library had quite a few editions).

The memorable bit about the picture was that the man was definitely spinning one of the balls on his crotch. Given the graininess and small size of the picture, my friends and I were always how he was doing so. There was a pointy blobby shape under the ball, and several of my friends were certain he was spinning the ball on his penis. As an adult, I realize this is probably unlikely, but if anybody can turn up the picture in question I’d love to see it.

Nope - I saw that guy do a “performance” of that skill one time in the Bahamas. Part of a hotel caberet-type show. Performance is in quotes because the basketball spinning thing? That’s ALL he does. Big whoop. Anyway, he didn’t use his penis. For the spinning balls that weren’t on his fingers, he had little (presumably plastic) finger-like projections sewn on his clothes and shoes.

Incidentally, he messed up a lot (dropped a ball, had to scurry offstage chasing it) and failed to balance all 7 balls the first couple of times he tried. Fairly amusing.

Heh, I remember that picture from when I was a kid reading Guinness.

Here is a pic of some guy spinning 12. You can see what they are spinning on pretty well. No crotch close-up though.