Basketball: What if the entire coaching staff is ejected?

In basketball, in a situation in which the entire coaching staff is ejected, who becomes coach? Logically I guess it would be the team captain, but would that make him ineligible to return to the playing floor? Or would they proceed without a coach, or what?

There have been player-coaches in the NBA in relatively recent history. Have the rules changed since then?

Yeah, the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement now prohibits the use of player-coaches. Since coaches’ salaries aren’t counted against the salary cap, having a player-coach could circumvent the salary cap.

As you said, though, there have been several notable player-coaches in NBA history, most famously Bill Russell, whom I believe won his final two NBA championships as a player-coach with the Celtics.

There is probably a rule much like there is for players, your last six can’t be ejected.

Any team sports team should be able to play without a sideline coach or manager. If not, they’re doing something wrong.

But would that come into play if the departing coach just puts a player in charge without an permanent official promotion?

They should be able to run plays yeah, but should they decide on substitutions also?

Well, yeah. There should be a field captain or other understanding of who’s in charge on the field. For example, in baseball, the catcher is traditionally considered to have seniority on-field. I should imagine that in American football it could be the quarterback (or maybe the center) and in basketball perhaps the center. Unfortunately, players these days are probably not taught the big picture that would allow them to do this.

I wouldn’t think the center in basketball but probably the point guard.

Oh I think I am offended by that, spoken as a centre…

It has happened at a rep level in Aus and we have had the team manager step in, but could easily be the captain.

There’s no rule that says a dog can’t coach…

Better a dog than say, Isiah Thomas.

They could have just said that a player-coach’s salary counts towards the salary cap, right? Then there’s a disincentive to have a player-coach, but not an outright ban.