Bastard Spa

We have an 800 gallon hot tub/spa and no matter what we do, it always makes us cough and sneeze!

We started with Bromine. This kept the water clean but everytime we got in…cough, hack, sneeze…! So we hear about this baqua spa, supposed to be the cat’s meow for hot tub care. No odor, no irritation my ass. It’s not as bad, but it still makes you wheeze.

I take about as good care as one man can. Drain and refill about every 6 weeks. Test at least every other day. But no matter what, it always does it! Is it because the cover is kept on? Why don’t public spa’s make you cough?

What can i do?

Mine (800 gal) uses a bromine floater dispenser, I test it and adjust the pH weekly, and add “Spa Perfect” enzymes to it weekly to keep it clear. I change the water about twice a year. Never a tub itch. And its covered most of the time

But don’t turn the bubbles on when the bromine content is high! Then it really gets into our sinuses. Otherwise no problem.

The maintenance got 100 times easier after I started using the “spa perfect” enzymes.

We use the bubbles all the time. Think that’s what it is?

That’d be my guess. It really aggravates our respiratory tracts to turn on our aerator. It produces a lot of foam, too. Fortunately our jets function without the bubbles turned on, so we get a nice massage from them. We save the bubbles for if the mosquitoes are really bad. The bromine drives them away too. But we don’t last long in it.

If a strong breeze is blowing, it’s not a problem.