Bat Man (TV Show)

Did they bother to colorize “Bat Man”? I swear the original Bat Mans said “This program in Black & White”…to clarify there was nothing wrong with your color TV! But, watching even the first Bat Man on TV Land, it’s in color. So, is it just my memory that’s turning gray? - Jinx

P.S. What is it that nobody wants to have, and yet nobody wants to lose?

Always in colour, as I recall. Maybe you only had a black and white TV at the time.

The Republic serials in the 1940s were black and white. The TV show from the 60s was always color.

And there wasn’t a space between “Bat” and “Man”, man.

Although, for the first year it was Bat-man.

Wasn’t a pilot done in Black and white? No wait the Pilot was the rip off of a Joker story using the Riddler it was definitely in colour (The Batusi scene still kills me) What I want to know is when Fox will release the series on DVD! My Kids are wearing out my machine playing the movie over and over!

mmmmmmmuuummm Batgirl

Let me add that it was for the first year of the comic book in 1939.

Also he has been Batman Bat man and of course “The” Batman

“Holy colorization, Batman!”

Batman premiered in 1966. Color became the norm for television programs in 1965. The Dynamic Duo just came in under the wire, and were not intentionally filmed in black and white. Always color. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

(Note about the title of this post: In the first season, Batman episodes on Wednesday ended in a cliffhanger resolved in the next day’s episode. The titles of the two episodes always rhymed with each other. “That, man, answers ‘no’” rhymes with the subject of the OP-“Bat Man (TV Show).”)