Bathroom scales for a taller person with big feet?

My bathroom scales are no longer reliable: I can make my weight shift by a stone or more simply by moving around on the scales. This does not help with measuring my weight from day to day!

So, I need scales suitable for a guy just under 2m tall weighing 120 kg / 19 stone / 266 lbs with size 14 feet. (Target weight is 95 kg / 15 stone / 210 lbs.) I’m not fussed about analogue or digital.

Suggestions please. Best if they’re available in the UK, mind!

Posting on mumsnet or moneysavingexpert would likely yield better results if you need advice from strangers about bathroom scales for a larger gentleman. UK-based forums etc

Having said that: the Falkirk Wheel is balanced to a tolerance that if you dip yourself in they can probably measure it by displacement.


Way more than you need weight wise, but these are good. I have size 15 feet and have no problem fitting on it.

Ozeri ProMax 230 kg (500 lbs) Digital Bath Scale, with Body Tape Measure & Fat Caliper

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There are plenty of scales that will bluetooth to your phone.

You might also consider a beam scale like the ones popular in doctors offices, but they tend to be pricey. They’re also rock solid reliable forever once calibrated.

I actually indirectly worked for the Falkirk Wheel some years ago.

Every veterinarian I know of has a sizable scale in their waiting room.

What is the issue with foot size? I use a compact Tanita digital scale and they work perfectly well with toes and heels dangling over the edge. Digital scales don’t suffer the accuracy problems old spring balances could with unevenly distributed loads.

The one I was looking for showed up in my FB ads tonight.

Not exactly pretty, but visible no matter how big your feet are.

The issue is precisely the issue you describe: with spring scales you affect the reading by shifting your centre of gravity.

Anyway, I purchase the Ozeri DCTrekkie suggested and - aside from coming with dead batteries - it’s just the ticket.