Bathroom stalls

Lately I’ve had time to think in my bathroom at home and I felt that there was something missing. I’m pretty sure this has been thought of before and in some far-off, remote place in the world where only Europe’s five richest kings who have the monetary resources available to pull this off: a stall in a bathroom.

Yeah, I know, our personal bathrooms aren’t necessarily a meeting place for everyone in the neighborhood so they can piss but I’m pretty sure there have been times where you found yourself running into the bathroom and thinking, “Damn, I wish I had a stall so I could just piss without worrying about lifting/lowering the lid.”

So am I walking that thin line between genius and insanity?

Yes. :smiley:

No. :smiley:

Maybe. :smiley:

>> Damn, I wish I had a stall so I could just piss without worrying about lifting/lowering the lid

Try the washbasin, the shower, the yard, the potty, the…

Or maybe get a motorized lid.

Or hold your pee until you have to do #2

Or stop drinking so much beer

or install a catheter directly to the drain (technical name for such a device: peeduct)

I was just reminded of an anecdote. A humorous song included the words she sits among the cabbages and peas and the conservatives pressured to have it changed and it was changed to she sits among the cabbages and leeks.

Home urinals are the latest thing in Europe, you can get them in all shapes and sizes, but nowhere near my bathroom.

Check out some of the Scandanvian or Spanish design houses.

when I was looking for houses a few months ago I went to a house that had 2 1/2 bathrooms. the half bath was a urinal. I had never seen one in a house before and it wasn’t really a bathroom it was in the work room. pretty good idea really don’t need to go and mess up the rest of the house just to go. hmmm… maybe I shoould have bought that house.

When Mrs Wolf and I had our house built, I wanted to put a urinal in our bathroom. It’s just so much easier, helps to conserve water, and best of all, would come in very handy during “morning wood” time (as posted in another thread)

I got shot down. She said it was “unattractive”. Hell, we probably could have found one in beige to match the other fixtures. Maybe painted a smiley face inside :). Put a nice floral display in the bottom when not in use.

Oh well. Hmmm, maybe I can use the laundry sink… :eek:

Genius? Perhaps. Insanity? Most definitely. On a lighter note, Home Depot sells urinals. Don’t know the price, but I do remember seeing them in different colors. Of course, when you tell the clerk that it’s gonna be for own home bathroom, you’ll get a funny stare, but hey, he walks nowhere near that fine line of genius and insanity you speak of.