Bathrooms in outer space

In this column , Cecil states:

Man. This means the shit really IS supposed to hit the fan…


I was privileged enough to get a tour on the Shuttle training craft back in 1984. The piss receptacle was unisex. That sucks.

If anyone’s interested in this subject (which I’m sure you are), you might want to read the Official NASA report on the Apollo system. This doesn’t appear to be the document that Cecil quoted from in the column, but it does contain sufficient technical details to satisfy the most curious. :slight_smile:

I swear I can remember seeing a NASA nappy (used) in the Armagh Planetarium here in Northern Ireland. Mum and I remember if fondly at least :wink:

Number 1 or number 2?

This reminds me of the description I read once about the toilets in one of the early submarines. They also had a problem, this case because of excessive pressure externally. There was a complicated sequence of valves used to seal off your offerings, and flush them out with high pressure. Evidently you had to be trained carefully, and if you got the sequence wrong, well, they said you made sure that you never got it wrong twice :smiley:

A special device compacts what’s left and it’s stored in the commode until you get back down to the ground.

Umm, why?

What else are you going to do with it? Have you ever seen the damage caused by a turd going 17,000 miles per hour?

I worked in the Crew Systems Department of the Skylab Program at McDonnell Douglas. My friend and colleague, Herb Swanigan, tested the toilet (Waste Collection Device) in zero-g simulations. The toilet had a small mirror so that the astronaut could look at his butt to make sure that the fecal material had separated from his body. The mirror was officially called the Defecation Separation Verification Device, but we shortened it to “rear view mirror”.

Now THAT sounds like something for Mythbusters! :slight_smile: