Batman & Robin -- the movie

It just started on TNT, at 8:00 pm.

Holy cow.

Seeing the first ten minutes reminded me of why this was such a horrible movie, and likely the death knell for the Batman movie franchise.

Now I know what channel to avoid for the rest of the evening.

“It’s boiling acid!”

God, how that movie did suck…

In a way, Batman Forever was worse in that we weren’t even prepared for it to be that bad.

“The name is Freeze. Learn it well, for it is the chilling sound of your doom.”

Or something like that. I turned it off as soon as those words were spoken.

I hear that they’re making another one, anyway. Clooney is back. This is pure rumor, so for once I hope I am totally, utterly, and inarguably wrong. But, of course, that never happens. :wink:

Several nw movies are in the works, none of them direct sequels.

Batman: Year One will be an adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic, directed by Darren Aronofsky.
Batman Beyond will be a live-action version of the cartoon by the guy who did Remember the Titans.
Catwoman will star Ashley Judd.
World’s Finest is also very earlyin development – about Superman and Batman teaming up.

Four new films in the works simultaneously! This series will not die because of Joel Schumacher.

This is all I can think of to describe that movie. It doesn’t even warrant better description.

I love the way, in the midst of this incredibly bizarre version of Gotham City, there just happens to be a Taco Bell logo on one of the windows. Apparently, the citizens of Gotham are never too petrified by the recurring crime waves to go out for tacos.

I remember the one scene in B&R (I can not utter the full name of the beast…) where Robin is fighting the giant plant in Ivy’s lair.

He’s wrestling underwater and breaks the surface and the plant drags him back under except they did this by just REVERSING THE DIRECTION OF THE PREVIOUS ONE SECONDS FOOTAGE!. Sorry about the shouting but when I saw that well I gave up all hope for the film…

I actually like Batman Forever :smiley: (nostalgic reasons, I think, as I loved it as a kid), but I HATED, HATED, HATED Batman & Robin. “Chicks dig the car.” Ugh.

Holy Hot Sex in a Bottle, Batman!!!

Oy vey, what a rotten movie.

Man the way this issue makes me feel, I should be posting it in the pit. I was a HUGE fan of the Michael Keaton flick “Batman”. Saw it maybe 20 times in the theater. Loved Batman returns. Batman Forever? Not as good as the first two, but I still loved it.

Then they drop this stupid-ass flick “Batman and Robin” on me. It opens with our heros having a fall from just about fucking orbit for christ sake. All right, I know you wanna notch the other movies big building falls, but goddamn space? Then ahh-nold comes in and starts doing his over-the-top “I got a couple jets for this” schtick and shortly thereafter I fell asleep.


I love Batman. Everything about it. Great stroy, cool images, this shit is deeply intertwined with my psyche. And they somehow managed to make a movie about one of my favorite fictions in the world so BAD that I couldn’t even stay awake.

Dumbass’s. I hope they just leave it alone now before they fuck it up worse. Fat chance I’m guessing. I read the script to the upcoming Catwoman movie and damn does it suck. What’s wrong with these people???

DaLovin’ Dj

I do not like ANY of the modern Batman movies.

Actually, the only thing I liked about the movie, was the architecture of Gotham City. I swear, that town is getting weirder (and more improbable) with each new movie.

Ashley Judd as Catwoman? Hmmmm. Well, seeing as Ashley can’t be in a movie unless she’s naked at least once, we’re bound to have an early scene in the movie where she pops out of the shower before donning the Catwoman costume.

Or strips completely down after her first hormone-pumping encounter with Batman … that is if Batman is actually going to be in it.

Batman Forever was special in that the trailer was 100 times better than the movie. When I saw the trailer I got goosebumps. I remember taping it. It was very good.

I saw the movie and was completely bored.

There may be four new movies in the works, but they’re all mired in development hell. (Catwoman has been in development since '92.) I won’t believe in any of 'em until they show up at the multiplex.

I agree with Zebra. As far as I’m concerned, the Batman movies went from bad to godawful. The only reason I saw Batman Forever was because I was visiting my sister and watching it was better than dealing with my family. Jury’s still out on whether that was the case, which says a lot for how awful dealing with my family is. I didn’t even bother with Batman and Robin, and it seems I was right to do so.

The first to Batman movies were great.

Batman Forver… is odd. Take almost any scene in that movie on its own and it stands up pretty well. If you saw it by itself you’d think: Hey this looks like part of a good movie!. But as a whole it ends up as a mishmash failure.

Batman and Robin…ugh…just plain ugh. Might as well have had Adam West in the Batman role.

Any word on the Nicolas Cage “Superman” movie? I was really looking forward to that one, but it seems to get shot down every time it gets close to being made.