Batman vs. a broken transmission

Who wins?

Manual or automatic?

Alfred. :smiley:


Transmission problems, huh? That could bankrupt Wayne Enterprises all by itself.

Very simple. Batman can prepare for a bad transmission. How does a transmission prepare for Batman?

I’m sure Batman has a transmission repair kit in his Uility Belt.

Please people. Lets have some tougher questions here.

–Honey, I’ve got someone who can help
–Is it Batman?
–No, it’s a mechanic.
–Batman’s a mechanic.
–It’s. Not. Batman.

Apologies to the Simpsons.

Batman vs. Gary Hobson.
How can Batman be prepared if Gary has the Early Edition of tomorrow’s newspaper explaining how Batman would win?

I’m thinking JThunder has a broken transmission and is trying to get Batman to fix it for free.

The transmission wins if it’s repaired, folks.