Battering strength of the human skull

I just saw World War Z and (minor spoiler) there’s a scene where zombies are bashing their way into enclosed cars by headbutting windshields and side windows. I take it as a given that the zombies feel no pain and are highly motivated to get inside. It’s never stated that bitten individuals’ bone structure changes upon zombification. Could a typical human skull withstand one or more purposeful bashes on a windshield without being pulverized?

Well, there’s this guy.

i’ll get back to you in a minute.

Aren’t windshields these days designed to crack easily for safety reasons, precisely so that in the event that a passenger’s head gets knocked into the windshield, it’s the window that gives first ? Practical demonstration, dude even talks like a zombie :slight_smile: (though obviously, movie magic cannot be ruled out)

In the movies at least, people get catapulted through windshields all the time, not always with much ill-effect.

Wow. I guess it could work.