Battery Powered Heated Jacket

I ordered one of the subject jackets from yesterday. It’s on marketed by Milwaukee. Thisis the one I ordered.

Has anyone had experience with these types of jackets? I plan to use it when shooting clays and other times when I need to be out and don’t want to be restricted by too many layers.

There are also similar heated vests and such available. Any experiences with these would be appreciated.

I was just browsing for relevant posts for my project and I happened to stumble upon yours. Thanks for the useful information!

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I have something similar, except while it looks like yours is for hunting, etc…, what I have is for motorcycle riding and is a jacket liner. This is what I have, from this company. They also make a heated jacket.

It is a great piece of gear. When packing for motorcycle trips, space is a premium and electric gear saves me from packing many more layers. What’s more, it generates heat, which is something you’re not doing when riding a motorcycle since you’re just sitting on the saddle. Winters in the Sierra Nevada mountains can be a little chilly (just ask the Donner Party). I have ridden in cold weather through the Rocky Mountains, too, and through some heavy snowstorms.

When it’s cold and I turn my jacket liner on, it really feels great. I would recommend a heated liner instead of the jacket because it is more versatile. When it gets colder you can add more layers outside the liner and under your outer jacket whereas with a heated jacket, adding any layers moves the heating elements further from your body which defeats the purpose (unless you add layers on top of the jacket, which would be difficult and also look silly). Also, a jacket liner is protected from damage as you scrape and scuff up against anything as you move about.

Are there some specific things you want to know?

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