Battle of the Sexes: Last Night RULED!

I think that the producers of this show were geniouses. They have the show set up in such a way to maximize drama and backstabbing, and it’s really fun to watch.

Did anyone catch last night’s episode? Case in point. Probably the best episode of all the RW/RR “Battle” shows. Excellent backstabbing! Tears, bitching, confrontation . . . the staples of reality television.

I love it because all of these people are thrown into this ridiculous situation and it’s really funny to how horrible they are portrayed! Hooray!

Eh…ok, what happened? (You can put it in spoilers tag, or direct me to a place where it is explained.)

I don’t understand why the girls team doesnt’ do like the boys, the lesser points and you’re out…! Just avoiding all the drama…
Karl, the girls voted out another one, and I guess it was undeserved and unexpected and received a lot of slacks about it from girls and boys…


Sorry, didn’t want to put all this in “spoiler captions” since it is so long.

Okay, here’s what happened. The three girls in the inner circle were Ruthie, Emily, and Ellen. They can’t agree on which of their low-scoring teammates to vote off. They didn’t want to vote off Aneesa because of her charisma. They couldn’t vote off Tonya since she’s Ellen’s friend, nor Christina since she’s Emily’s friend. So, they all agree that they don’t really like Rachael (I think this is her name, lesbian from Campus Crawl RR) and she’s going home. Rachael is fourth from the bottom in points.

This is when it rules. Ellen is the bearer of bad news and gives a really terrible reason, and everyone’s jaw is on the floor. Everyone starts bitching and harassing the female inner circle for being bitches. Rachael starts crying and is totally shocked and tells everyone that she thinks it’s bullshit.

Overall, everyone freaked out and the game got a lot uglier! Which makes for great tv! And now it seems like Emily will wind up as the scapegoat for this scandal. Can’t wait for next week! The reason it was so fun to watch was to see these bitches getting heckled and harassed, especially since they deserved it.

Those girls are so stupid! What are they thinking! They should have done the same thing as the boys, it’s the only way!

Last time I checked, they were still winning (the girls). Has something changed?

BTW, that tactic of voting off the worst was useful in the last Battle between RR and RW.

The girls won the last mission. They had to sit on a bunch of ice in the “freeze your ass off” competition. I think the girls are tied with the guys now.

Karl, what do you mean by “voting off the worst?” Do you mean by points or by whoe everyone hated? Which team are you refering to?

I meant by points, and I was talking about last year’s Battle between Road Rules and the Real World. The RW’s decided early on to vote the ones who finished last (except in the occasion where they voted of another pair because someone in the inner circle didn’t like the guy).

RW ended winning the tournament.