Battlebots returning - on ESPN

I think were quite a few fans of ‘Battlebots’, which used to be on the comedy network. Well, it’s coming back, bigger and better. This time it’s going to be on ESPN, and it looks like the quality of robots is likely to go up because they’re turning it into a championship for college teams. They’re also dumping the wacky announcer and Carmen Electra, and going for more of a ‘science show’ vibe. This could be really good.
Link here: BattleBots Returns to ESPN

Sounds like they are doing it right. Get rid of the cheesy interviews, focus more on the engineering. And there’s going to be an experimental class:

Coming this November (they need to give schools time to build their robots).

Any program with Carmen Electra is enhanced.
I was a fan . I look forward to it.

This sounds awesome. I’m not sure I understand why they need to give schools time to build their robots–I thought most technical colleges had robotics teams participating in competitions year-round. Hell, the high school I work at does, and we’re not even a private school.

So ;going a little more towards the model of the UK Robot wars?

I like the wedges in moderation, but really like the flywheels. Razer, however, was my favorite.

Best news I’ve heard in a while! I loves me some BattleBots! Can’t wait till November!

I hope some of the classics will be back, especially the aforementioned Toro.

Sounds like they’re dumping the stuff I didn’t like in the Comedy Central version and adding good stuff. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Oh, and I demand a Mythbusters join in for a celebrity match

I hope you are aware of Blendo

This is the most awesome news I have heard in a while. Wasn’t Bill Nye on BattleBots as a science commentator? I hope they keep him.

What, if any, was the connection between BattleBots and Mythbusters? I seem to remember references to Grant’s “champion robot.” And did I once see a clip of Jamie on BattleBots?

A FOAF was almost finished with a Battlebot that he had spent ridiculous amounts of time and money on when they cancelled the original series. Hopefully he’ll be able to get it in this time around.

Check out Randy’s link above.

Does anyone remember the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Malcolm’s dad built the robot that shot out bees? Malcolm pointed out that bees don’t hurt battlebots. Dad replied that the bees were aimed at the operators. Good times.

I so want to see video of this.