Battlefield 2

Anyone dopers playing the demo?

It looks pretty impressive even if it does require a lot of GFX power and only 3 more days until it comes out !

I’m all over this game. The demo looks spectacular, and performs well on my machine. They really have got the aircraft dynamics down. I am now a very competent helicopter and jet pilot with my mouse!

The other Battlefield series games had one thing and one thing only going for them. They didn’t have fantastic graphics, but they were just so damn much fun to play. This one bumps the fun level up a couple of notches, and the graphics are awesome.

“Goodbye Counter Strike, and don’t cry, I told you it might end up this way if Battlefield 2 lived up to the hype. Yeah, sure, I’ll call.”

I could never master flying in BF1942 but now it’s a LOT easier with just a few tries.

And the squad feature where you get orders from a commander is very cool. Stops me from wandering aimlessly around the map looking for action !

The only bad news (kinda) is that single player in the full version isn’t all that great. Poor AI and maps limited to 16-player versions.

I’ve been playing the demo, and have found it very fun, when I can get it to work - at random, the game will just crash after I select a server, and I get some occasional graphics glitchs. Hopefully, EA can clean those bugs out rather quickly. Once it gets going though, it runs very nicely on my machine (Athlon 64, Radeon x800 XL). Nothing like parachuting onto an enemy carrier, and hiding at the end of the runaway, so you can rocket enemy aircraft right as they take off. :smiley:

I’ve had this on order for a couple of months and am awaiting delivery of the full version later this week.

I D/L’ed the demo about a week ago and was disappointed to learn my PC wouldn’t run it. I had only 64 Megs on my video card (a Nvidia Ti4200). So, it was time to upgrade. Got myself a new video card, and then decided to upgrade the whole rig. The new video card is here and I’m playing the demo happily. The new rig should be here in about a week.

I like the demo alot. Can’t wait to see the other maps. Also looking forward to the VoIP, which I haven’t tried in the demo yet…

Only got to see the commander stuff once when someone invited me to join their squad. How can you see the commander’s commands all the time?

I’ve been playing it and having a good time. The graphics driver update the game requires is not compatible with my favorite helicopter sim, Commanche Vs Havoc.

So I swap graphics drivers in and out a lot now.

How does one give squad leaders orders when you are the commander? Is there a top down commander map that I haven’t pushed the right button for? When I expand the regular map view, my mouse cursor is still tied to my point of view.

My only problem with the AI is that they tend to run over myself and teammates when driving. Other than that, they seem about as competant as most online players.

In the full game, there might be more single player options.