A few years ago, I was strangly enthralled with a show that was generally run on PBS stations called Battlefield, which were dry, low-tech computer graphics and stock footage recounts of famous battles, most of WWII, but I seem to recall catching snippets of Vietnam and WWI in a couple episodes.

I’ve been trying to find these things for years to see if they were ever released on DVD or VHS, or if they are still playing anywhere. They were very dry shows, but very strangly addictive.

It’s still shown on PBS here from time to time. Perhaps you could lobby your local station to put it on.

Amazon lists a few episodes, but they’re all out of stock. Ebay may be your best bet.

A search of the History Channel site gives Battlefield Vietnam, but I’m not sure if this is the one you are talking about (The documentary series I’m thinking of had graphics that “matched” the two sides up against each other, with weaponry, troop strength, etc.) I specifically recall one about the sinking of the Bismarck and the Battle of the Bulge.

Yeah, that sounds about right. The show would meticulously match the two sides up, showing the leaders (political and militart) the troops strenght and training, the equipment, etc. they would lead up with a sorta “what’s happened up to now” and then to the battle, where they would report at a high level of detail (number of planes lost on each night of the Battle of Britain, the assumed location of the bomb hits on the four Japanese carriers at the battle of Midway.)

I’ll have to contact my local PBS people. I had kinda hoped they were on DVD.

Well then, I beleive the name of the series was battlefields and was produced by the BBC. That should help in your search.

The PBS station in Philly (WHYY) is currently running “Battlefield” on Friday nights (so far just the WWII portion of the series). I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff and would love to own the series. The next time it comes on I’ll see if they mention whether the series is available on tape or DVD.