Battlefields you have visited.

I would have done this as a poll, but there are just too many possibilities.

For me, it’s the following:

US Revolutionary War
Harlem Heights – sort of; it’s not marked well, but there are areas on the Columbia University campus where where it was fought.
Bennington – Actually, in New York state, not in Bennington. The monument in Bennington marks the objective of the British – a grainery – but they never got near it. Very impressive terrain – a small clearing at the top of a hill; the British had a great position and it’s amazing that the Colonials defeated them (though there seemed to have been a lot of British overconfidence).
Saratoga – both Freeman’s Farm and Bemis Heights.

US Civil War
First Manassas
Second Manassas

– just drove by; it’s next to Chancellorsville and seeing one puts you on the other

World War II
Pearl Harbor – the Arizona Memorial
Normany – Juno, Gold, and Omaha beaches.

How about you?

The ones close by in North Carolina

Fort Fisher (Civil War)
Moore’s Creek (Revolutoionary War)

Most of the Civil War sites near DC during a trip in the 80s (Gettysburg, Chancellorville, etc.)
Pea Ridge in Arkansas (another Civil War battlefield)
Pearl Harbor
Several sites across Scotland on visits (Culloden, the stuff near the Wallace monument)

In Wisconsin we’d start our canoe trips down the Little Pecatonica at Bloody Lake, site of a battle (brawl) during the Blackhawk War.

In the navy 1987 I loitered on the flying bridge as we passed through the Surigao Straights in the Phillipines, where the USN had “capped the T” of the IJN 33 years previously, the last time it was done in naval warfare.

And of course we got into dress whites and rendered honors when we pulled into Pearl Harbor past the Arizona

Off the top of my head:

Pearl Harbor
Little Big Horn
Glorieta Pass
Picacho Pass
Wilson’s Creek
San Pasqual
The Alamo

My husband is interested in battlefields, so I’ve [DEL]been subjected to[/DEL] visited:

Kennesaw Mountain
Pickett’s Mill
Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga
Snake Creek Gap/Resaca
Dug Gap
Horseshoe Bend, AL (Creek War)
Cyclorama (Battle of Atlanta)

and doubtless been taken to others by my educational-experience-loving parents, but I don’t remember which ones.

In no particular order:

Gettysburg (American Civil War)
Pearl Harbor (World War II)
Bunker Hill, Lexington, and Concord (also the sites of the Boston Massacre and Tea Party) (American Revolutionary War)
Berlin Wall (also Nazi Party rally sites in Nuremburg) (Cold War)
First Defenestration of Prague (Hussite Wars)
Second Defenestration of Prague (Thirty Years War)

Some of those aren’t exactly battlefields, but still significant.

I’m from California, where I believe our battlefields are mostly under the LA freeway :p. While I haven’t gotten to go see any cool battlefields back east yet, I did go to New Orleans last year and head out toChalmette Battlefield (site of the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812).

Naturally, I sang The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton the entire time.

War of 1812 - Chalmette Battlefield, location of “Battle of New Orleans.”

I suppose I could add that I’ve visited the Reichstag, the goal of Russian troops during very heavy fighting in Berlin.

Revolutionary War
Bunker Hill

Civil War

World War II
Pearl Harbor


All in one day! It was a whirlwind tour.

Field of Blackbirds (about 5 centuries later)
Vukovar (about 2 hours after the city fell)

American Civil War

Kennesaw Mountain
Hartsville* (TN)
Stones River (TN)
Franklin (TN)
Chattanooga / Lookout Mountain

American Revolution

Bunker Hill

War of 1812

Battle of Lake Erie**
New Orleans

Texas Revolution

San Jacinto

*I used to live there. Every December, they still do a re-enactment.

**Technically not really a battlefield, but I’ve boated around Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie and visited the monument on South Bass Island.

ETA: You can’t spit here in middle Tennessee without hitting an American Civil War battlefield or monument, so I’ve been to a few.

Revolutionary War

Lexington and Concord
Guilford Courthouse
King’s Mountain

Texas Revolution
The Alamo

US Civil War
Ft. Fisher
Ft. Sumter

World War II
Pearl Harbor

Gettysburg. Being as I was 15 I just thought it looked like a crummy old field, though I guess I was somewhat moved as I later tried to write a play wherein Bob Dylan played at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Yorktown. My Dad insisted I see it because one of our ancestors got his hair frozen to the ground there. Looked like a field to me but it had some pretty butterflies.

Glorieta Pass, as I recall, at least had some ruins to check out.

I’ve only been to a few:

Queenston Heights (Battle of 1812) – I got to climb Brock’s Monument while we were there. Very nice view from the top, as I recall.
Little Bighorn (Indian Wars, 1876) – Visited this one three times now. I’m rather fascinated with this battle and the characters involved.
Batoche (Northwest Rebellion, 1885) – A pivotal location in Canada’s early years as a nation.

If you can make an argument for St. Petersburg during the blockade being a battlefield, I think that’s the only one I can count. Seen the sign that’s still on the wall of a building on Nevsky Prospect warning comrades which side of the street was more dangerous to walk on…

Towton Moor

Marston Moor

Battle of ferrybridge, this was only a small engagement with around 3000 killed

Bramham Moor - I go past there most days

Battle of Pendas Fields - it has other names

Battle of Barnet - this was a pretty important engagement, but I’ll bet most Londoners have little idea of it

Stamford bridge

Battle of Wakefield - most round here call it the Battle of Sandal

Battle of Boroughbridge

I see no one’s been to the Perryville Battlefield in Perryville, Ky., said to be one of the bloodiest of the Civil War — my only contribution.

I like that this battle was on Oct. 8 (1862), the date Dave Berry says everything in history happens on. Also it’s my brother’s birthday. :smiley: