Battlestar Galactica 2.20 — "Lay Down Your Burdens, Pt 2" (the spoilers have a plan)


So close, and yet so far away …

(Gee, it’s nice to see that big change of heart on the part of the Cylons, though, ain’t it? This is gonna be fun …)

What happened to July??!! :dubious:

Hmm, episode had promise, but fell flat on the ending, i’d say the tank has been filled with salt water, the shark’s swimming around in the tank, the motorcycle has a full tank of gas and is idling with the rider sitting on top, ready to go…

Not a real surprise ending, here. Isn’t this what people expected? It was clear what the consequences of putting all humanity’s eggs (literally) in one basket would be, but they did it anyway. Frackin’ Baltar. Maybe humanity doesn’t deserve to survive after stupidity of this magnitude.

I’m thinking next season involves a forced Cylon/human breeding program featuring Kara Thrace. Btw, she looks hot with long hair.

Was the falling out between Apollo and Starbuck just what we saw in the scene with her, Apollo and Anders? If so, I’d say he’s overreacting, though she was kind of gloating. It’s also now obvious he was never really in love with Dee and all along actually wanted to be with Starbuck. Ah well. Hope Anders doesn’t die, but he probably will, poor plot device that he is.

Glad to see Chief and Cally together. Felt kinda unresolved why he beat her up, though.

Helo and Boomer’s Pop Tart looked too young for over a year old, didn’t she?

Life looked miserable on New Caprica. I’m surprised so many people moved there. Clearly being ethical, as Adama and Roslin were about the election, was a mistake. No good deed goes unpunished.

Looking forward to S3.

Oh holy Christ, how that sucked.

I was totally there, sucking it all in, riding that edge that Ron Moore can keep us on so delicately, right until the “One year later…”

And then it all went to shit.

What? You jump one year into the future, and then expect us to care about whatever plot lines have apparently developed in the intervening 360 days? That’s like expecting someone to start watching the series around the time of “Black Market” and completely experiencing the full emotional impact of what happened up to that point.

Gak…dammit I hate Ron Moore for making me one of those crazed fans, but goddammit…it started off so well…

What the frack happened in the last 30 minutes? I hope it will be a dream. He fell asleep at his desk and woke up a year into the future. Perhaps he will wake up at his desk back on Colonial One and he will realize that it was all a nightmare. Maybe it’s all a dream…Lords of Cobol hear my prayer :frowning:

Well, I did recognize the toaster at the front of the column, it’s Colonel Klink!

[SPOILER]So, did they introduce the priest and boomer to the airlock or not?

Why didn’t Adama hold Baltar responsible for the nuke, and take him out at that point?[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER]Ya know… I’m gonna hate saying this… They should NOT have done the extended 30 minutes… they should have ended with the “My First Order is…, maybe a scene or two of the start of that… fade to black” … while I appreciate what they are trying to do or set up for season 3… I think that last 30 wouldve been better as the first 30 of next season.

We’ll see how well they handle this…[/SPOILER]

Yeah, and then Bobby Ewing will come out of the shower and Pam will be like, what? :dubious:

The dream thing has been done to death, and if they do it here, the shark will most definitely have been jumped all the way to new Caprica. No, I think we’re stuck with the surrender. They could go interesting places with it, and really, with Baltar as president, this ending was inevitable. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was a telegraphed punch if ever I saw one.

I’m kinda disappointed, but I believe it’ll shape up OK in the end. Exploring the enforced peace and human/Cylon relations could be quite entertaining.

I hope.

Bobby was probably a Cylon.

Assuming it’s not a Baltar dream…and if it were, Ron Moore’s palatial estate would be fire bombed… :slight_smile:
As many major characters as were left on New Caprica, there will be some time spent next season on a resistance movement.
Perhaps something like the series “V” with colaborators (however you spell them) and resistance fighters.

And Starbuck looks better with long hair.
Sue me.
Come on guys. She wasn’t going to marry one of us, if hell froze over and the only available men were you, me and toasters.

Funky advertisements.

I must be in the minority here, but I really liked the ending. When I saw the One Year Later, I was bummed at first, but I thought it turned out to be quite interesting. Refreshing even. I loved the set up, although October is a long ways off. I have a feeling the first episode or two of Season 3 will flashback to fill in some of the year we missed (like what went down between Lee and Starbuck). I definitely don’t think it was all a dream… Baltar doesn’t know about the pop tart. Right?

Well that’s one hell of a shakeup. I, for one, welcome our new Toaster overlords, plus the plot development that brought 'em here.

Holy shit! I mean…Holy Shit!!!


I want it now!!!

I may deserve to be airlocked for this, but I didn’t mind the “one year later.” I mean, what would we see happening over that year anyway?

  • Starbuck and Anders make wuvvy duvvy kissy faces.
  • Tyrol and Callie make wuvvy duvvy kissy faces.
  • Lee and Dee make wuvvy duvvy kissy faces.
  • Ellen Tigh makes wuvvy duvvy drunken kissy faces at any man in sight.
  • Gaeta stares adoringly at Balter.
  • Kara’s hair and Adama’s mustache grow.

I don’t think we missed much by flipping forward a year.

Why the hell do we have to wait till October anyway? That’s much too long. I want to see how Galactica and Pegasus can possibly rescue anyone with such skeleton crews.

Put me down in the “I liked it!” column. And while the ending was telegraphed, it came with a bit of a twist.

“And I, for one, welcome our new Cylon overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted human slave, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their Tylium mines.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Now the real fun part is going to be watching how two critically undermanned Battle Stars and a bare dozen ships can liberate all the poor schmucks down dirtside.

I liked it too. A lot. I’m sure the “huh?” factor is intentional and the whats and hows of the new status quo will be filled in next year.

I liked it too. The “One Year Later” freaked me out at first, and I pretty much predicted the ending(except with more nukes) but it worked well.

And after this, I get the feeling nobody is going to trust balter to be a dog catcher, assuming he lives.

For some unknown reason, the TiVo had bad scheduling information and the show cut off right as Baltar is reacting to Doral saying “we found you by following the nuke.” I don’t know what happens after that. I’m recording the later repeat with a padded end time so I can’t say anything else until I see the ending tomorrow.