Battlestar Galactica 2.20 — "Lay Down Your Burdens, Pt 2" (the spoilers have a plan)

As always, thread begins with a content-free OP so mouseover preview doesn’t reveal to casual browsers anything about Bill Adama’s lonely wait on the mining moon of Jupiter for the arrival of deadly criminals from the Astral Queen.

Spoiler policy: If it’s been aired, or if it’s purely speculative, no need for a spoiler box. If it’s from a future episode as revealed in blogs, interviews, etc., or if it’s speculation based on same, box it. And label the box with a general description of the source/type of spoiler so readers can decide whether or not it’s something they want to see.

Here we are, at the conclusion of season two. It was kind of a bumpy ride there for a while, but considering where season one left off, we’ve come rather a long way, I think.

Questions for tonight:

Does Baltar’s appeal to hope sway the election? Will Roslin react by accusing him of being a Cylon collaborator?

Where the heck is Ginasix and her nuclear device?

What happened to Caprica Six and Reincarnated Boomer?

What, if anything, will be found on the mysterious ice planet? (A squad of AT-ATs, perhaps?)

How will Starbuck’s rescue team escape the rain of mortar fire?

Will we get to enjoy more of Dean Stockwell’s marvelous performance?

Will we learn more about Tyrol’s neurotic plight?

Will we see Boomermommy’s Pop Tart again?

Will we get another revelation to add to our list of known Cylons?

What’s the nailbiting cliffhanger going to be this time?

After this, we’re waiting until October to find out what happens next.

Oh, and tonight’s ep is 90 minutes long, so if you’re setting your VCR, make sure the times are correct.

Woo hoo!

Oh my frakkin’ God(s)! I did not expect that!

[spoiler]A few hours from now, I’ll know what I was talking about. Now, to pad out this space so it looks like I know something…


Seriously, what other show could pull that one off? It’s a long time till July…

Man, Dirk Benedict is looking pretty old, isn’t he?

What the frak are you talking about? I’m not reading the spoiler box, but that sounds like it should def be in a spoiler box, unless you’re kidding around. The show hasn’t aired yet!

No one expects the Cylon inquisition. Our chief weapons are boobies, and deception, and… boobies…


The priest’s a toaster!

Now we know what the “He’s a Cylon” soundbite in the preview refers to…

I know I’m not the only one watching this right now.

This is even funnier if you imagine a Cylon kick-line singing “The Inquisition!”.


And I see [B[MacTech** is watching, too. Good.

(ElzaHub makes fun of my Friday night Geek Nights, but after that trailer for Doctor Who, the tables are turning and Geek Night will be his.)


Christ. Dean Stockwell.

[spoiler]Seriously, Starbuck’s little performance was just painful to watch. I can’t say I’m much of a fan of Lee’s, but I felt a little sorry for him there. I only started watching this season (I’m getting the DVDs soon, I really am), but has she always been this much of an alcoholic?

Two Dean Stockwells. Yummy.


“…airlock. See if there’s a Cylon god.”

I like the President.

What happened to Adama’s face?
Did he go hunting with our Vice President?

My predictions for the ending;

the fleet will settle on New Caprica, only to have a group of BaseStars jump in and start launching nukes, the Cylon’s “peace treaty” will turn out to be a ploy to finish off the last of Humanity, the first strike in the New War will be Gina detonating the nuke on the sgip she’s on

Whoa, Gina just nuked Cloud Nine, and collateral damage took out a couple other ships…

Well, crap.

Returns in October?!?!?!?!?!?

In October it will be Adama to the rescue.

Now Starbuck will be the best resistance fighter.

Aw, e^crap!


I think they just killed the series. I don’t give a shit about these characters now. Starbuck is married? Tyrol got Cally pregnant? I don’t care about union leaders or a drunken president, thanks. And Starbuck needs a haircut.

Sigh. October, huh?

I’m waiting for it all to be a vision… pretty please?