Battlestar Galactica; Season Two Premier tonight!

I didn’t see a thread for this.

How great is it to have such a good show starting it’s season in mid-Summer? I can hardly wait.

It’s still here on the first page.

I’m excited. Only about an hour to go, and Sci-fi’s going to show an Inside: Sci-fi program with interviews with the actors from the Stargates and BSG, then it’s season premiers time!

Pretty soon I need to start cooking that big bowl of Mac & Cheese I plan on eating while watching all the shows.

Frak, right out of the gate, a major jump coordinate error, wonder if the toasters found a way to co-opt Galactica’s nav system, maybe something downloaded into the Raptor’s filesystem that was copied over during a sensor log dump?

Starting off hard and gritty, dear Og this is a good frelling show…

I missed the last episode of season one, can someone tell me why Adama arrested the President?

The President convinced Starbuck to take the captured Cylon Raider back to Caprica to get the Arrow of Apollo, which according to the scriptures and the President’s drug induced visions, will lead the fleet to the lost 13th colony, Earth.

So, the President corrupted one of Adama’s top officers, effectively stole a valuable military asset, and is acting under the influence of drugs. Plus, she violated the initial agreement she had with Adama. Military affairs are his alone, and political affairs are hers. Her presidency was pretty much always at Adama’s leisure, anyway.

Interesting. Like the season 1 finale, it follows a number of stories. Chief and Co on Kobol, Starbuck on Kaprika, and the Kattlekar GalactiKa. Not bad overall, and they certainly kept up the grimness. I still find it weird that they take aboard a Cylon ship and (apparantly - they still have next week to make up for it) not post a guard.

That was a damn good episode.

Did she say

That bitch stole my ride.

Your bitch stole my ride.

Although the final flashback for Col Tigh was missing the celing fan.

I heard, “THE bitch stold my ride.”

It’s not weird considering the cylon craft crash landed on Galactica. As best I can recall, Apollo thought he shot it down so everyone assumed it to be relatively harmless battle debris impacting the hull.

Yeah, things just keep getting better for them.

One thing that suprised me(though it shouldn’t have). Those Rifles the guys on the planet had looked very much like dressed up M-16’s. Though I can’t be sure without the DVD so I can pause and zoom.

Maintaining spoiler cover for our friends across the Atlantic…

In the podcast, Moore says that the other landing pod is the one that was being converted to a museum and gift shop at the start of the miniseries. (Remember, the Galactica was about to be decommissioned and turned into a museum.) Basically no one has been over there since they dragged the old Vipers out of it back in the miniseries. No one has any reason to go there. Since it’s an unused and abandoned section of the ship, they aren’t too worried about the crash there since there was no fire and no explosion and they have problems in the active sections of the ship to worry about. Someone would probably go check on it eventually, but that isn’t their priority at the moment.

I ask this in the wrong forum:

How did the Cylons break into Gaeta’s network? He disconnected by yanking out cables; there didn’t seem to be an wireless connection.

I was wondering that as well. The producers have been really vague about that. I do remember that in the first episode, Adama mentioned somehting about the cylons being able to infiltrate networks, and that’s why the tech was pushed back a bit to defeat that.

I dunno. BSG does have sensors, after all; perhaps one can somehow send stuff through them (kinda like how you can make sound come out of a speaker through electrical variations, or talk into a speaker and cause said variations.

About Cylons and networks

[spoiler]From what we’ve seen, the Cylons have the ability to infiltrate computer networks from a distance. The brief shot we had of what looked like a Cylon eye just before the virus entered the network was shown in the mini-series to be whatever it is that the Cylons use to do their network infiltration.

It was clearly established in the mini-series that the Cylons can infiltrate networks but not standalone computers. This is why there are no networked computers on the Galactica.

I am assuming that what is happening is that there is some type or types of computer(s) that are vulnerable to the Cylon weapon. (Maybe the DRADIS or some other sensor or the communications system or something.) The Cylons are able to remotely implant a virus into these systems (Remember, in 33 Baltar was concerned that the Cylons could use the radio link from the other ship to transmit a virus.)

If that computer is networked to other compters then the virus is able to spread to them via the network. Otherwise, their primary systems cannot be affected.

The reason for the Cylon victories against the rest of the Colonial fleet was because the “back doors” inserted into the defense programs by Six (with Baltar’s unwitting help) let them access their primary systems directly.

Maybe a bit of handwaving, but it seems to match what is happening in the show and at least makes some sense.[/spoiler]

Quote From tanstaafl About Cylons and networks
I am assuming that what is happening is that there is some type or types of computer(s) that are vulnerable to the Cylon weapon. (Maybe the DRADIS or some other sensor or the communications system or something.) Quote
(I can’t make a quote within a spoiler) :slight_smile:
I thought that there was a link between sensors an the navigation computer; but then the Cylons would be in your navigation computer and could send you spam about how to get a bigger Viper.
Just being networked wouldn’t make your system vulnerable. If they could ‘get into’ three cable networked computers they could get into stand alones.

Well, I certainly enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to the rest of the season. But there were a few eye-rolling moments (I guess I’ll spoiler this, since the thread title doesn’t have a spoiler warning).

[spoiler]Chiefly, as others have noted, the networking angle was not particularly well thought out. The bigger picture, that Galactica’s numerous computers are not networked so as to minimize Cylon hacking, is solid. But the idea that networking a few of them suddenly opens a big hole just rings false (unless, as has been speculated, there is an as yet unrevealed flaw in the DRADIS).

I have read at Ron Moore’s blog (link, although there hasn’t been new content since April) that the writers occasionally will ignore these kinds of issues in the greater interest of storytelling, and by and large I’m fine with that. But given that the fans of this show are likely to be rather computer-savvy (since the show’s success has been very much due to internet word of mouth and file-sharing), perhaps the writers should have put a bit more thought into this.

Also, I found it odd that, on Kobol, after the guy wearing the invisible red shirt was killed, Callie and Tyrol just wandered off without expecting or taking any more fire.

On a slightly related topic, Callie is a babe. (Are there any non-babes on this show? How do I get to be a casting director?)

Finally, some of the sets–particularly the brig–seemed a little cheesier than I remember from last season. Perhaps they’ve shifted more of the budget into CGI–some of the space battle scenes were really fantastic.

Oh, and I’m glad the Cylon-occupied Caprica storyline has been shaken up a bit; I felt it moved a bit slowly last season.[/spoiler]

I just noticed, if you go to the official BSG website, there’s a link there allowing you to watch the final episode of season one.

I thought it was interesting how CPT Kelly was in the mini series, sat out season one, and now he’s back. Apparently Tigh is in command, Kelly is second. Huh. Where’s he been all this time, his bunk?

At the end of last season, there was speculation that Gaeta was a Cylon. Anyone else think it’s looking even more like Gaeta could be? Someone on the bridge passed a handweapon to Boomer. Gaeta was in charge of updating the jump coordinates and making sure the fleet got them. Hmm. Gaeta “saves” Baltar from being executed as a Cylon conspirator.

Who’s this Tarn guy? He’s the guy on Kobol who forgot the other med-kit & Crashdown told him to go back and get it. What’s with the long hair on a guy? Can guys do that in the BSG military? Oh well. As was already mentioned, he had on an invisible red shirt.

Not necessarily. Boomer had just returned from a successful mission to blow up a BaseStar, and was the BDH of the moment. As a pilot, she would have had her issue-sidearm with her on the mission, and since she’s not under a cloud of suspicion, she just reported to the bridge with it still in her holster/battle rattle.

Then Secret Cylon Background Personality (recently updated on the BaseStar) springs forward, siezes control, draws, fires, and then slinks back down to its subconscious-level hidey-hole.

Which explains why she’s so puzzled afterwards in the season 2 opener