Battlestar Galactica 2.2 — "Valley of Darkness" (open spoilers)

In deference to our UK dopers, I’m padding the thread with a content-free OP to fill the mouseover. We can open a separate thread if they’d like to discuss our general impressions of the show without worrying about spoilers.

And hey, fair’s fair: Apparently we’re going to get the first half of season two here in the U.S., and then a long break, with the second half of season two in January 2006, during which time the UK will have gotten the first half and will already have started the second half.

What long break? As I read the calendar, we will run out of new episodes at the end of October, first part of November. With new episodes starting in January, this looks just like a regular TV schedule these days. What do we have, maybe 7 weeks of reruns? that’s a walk in the park! :smiley:

Okay, on to the show. Based on last week, we’ll have… how many plot threads again?

(1) Starbuck and Helo stuck on Caprica
(1a) possibly Boomer in the stolen Cylon ride
(2) frazzled lieutenant and co., plus spacy Baltar, on Kobol
(3) Tigh dealing with command
(3a) …because Roslin is in the brig
(3b) …and Adama’s still out of commission

If you’ve been looking at the video blog on the official site, you know we’ll also be seeing Richard Hatch as Zarek again in the next couple of weeks.

As much as I liked the first season, I agree with those who say the Caprica subplot dragged; they had a beginning and an end, but nothing much in the middle but a lot of padding and a couple of widely-spaced plot points. I’m hoping the same doesn’t happen now that Starbuck has joined Helo there.

I gather, though, that her storyline is about to take a potentially interesting turn. From a preview article linked in a previous thread:Starbuck falls in with some culty survivor types who think repopulation is the paramount objective and who therefore want her for her womb. I guess we’ll find out if she’s the best at Lamaze in addition to everything else. :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, and after last week, I’m digging Tigh’s character a lot. I thought he was sort of ill-served by the first season, and it’s nice to see him coming into his own.

Tonight: running firefights in Galactica’s corridors! Wheee!

Calendar? What’s a calendar? I should probably learn about this newfangled device.

Man, this is grim!

Yeah, well the writers are good at that.
This is good stuff.
Think I’ll put myself into antimated suspension and buy the DVD of season two when I wake up. ^ :dubious: ^

What was the deal with Apollo, “When he wakes up, he’ll decide what to do with both of us”?
They both did damn well, but Apollo was redeaming himself, Tigh was exemplary throughout. Why would Adama need to decide what to do with Tigh?

I was thinking all the way through, Dang, the people who make the actors look all bloody and gross had to work overtime this episode.

Anybody else think Roslin’s aide Billy was going to bite it?

He should have bought it. He was standing in the middle of the hallway when the Cylon opened up on him with machine gun fire.

I’m really impressed with the guy who plays Tyrol. It’s almost like he’s acting in a much better produced show, and they’re just using his scenes.

I like the Helo/Starbuck story. I’m hoping unlike season one, Helo & Starbuck will have conversations that actually contain something interesting, unlike last season where every conversation seemed to end with Boomer saying, “we just got lucky, let’s leave it at that.”

I wonder how many people Galatica lost in that battle. And I thought that Billy was going to die there.

And I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Helo killing the Cylons pretty easily with normal bullets back on Caprica. Are these “Improved” toasters?

I’m getting more and more respect for Tigh.

I wondered about that too. Helo can take out a toaster Cylon with one or two shots. Then, with the same weapon he shoots Boomer and only does minor damage, and now on Galactica nothing less than these relatively rare explosive rounds can take them.

I was also impressed with Tigh when he didn’t have to be told where the Cylons were headed. “I’ve seen this before.” I just hope he’s gaining more respect among the crew now.

I don’t know what Apollo’s beef with him is. In his own way, Apollo is turning out to be as big a snot as Starbuck, and needs a good ass-whuping. Unfortunately, Apollo gets his ass handed to him fairly regularly, and it doesn’t help. Maybe Tigh needs to beat the crap out of him.

What killed me is that they actually updated the amount of human survivors left in the credits. That’s fracking brilliant.

They deducted the crew killed in the episode?

Oooo, I didn’t notice that, interesting touch!

Good ep to keep the juices flowing. I’m growing a little tired of all the stuff with Six and Baltar, though. It seems like they’re just repeating the same things over and over with those 2 lately.

Very moving scene with Tyrol (or however you spell his name). “We’re going home”.

It spooked me to see Adama show up on that planet, too. Took me a minute or so to realize it was a dream. At first I thought maybe he was a Cylon or something!! Remember in the mini-series when Six killed the baby on Caprica? Good foreshadowing for when Baltar says in this ep “What kind of person would kill an innocent baby?”

I also liked when Apollo and Tighe were talking over the comm and Tighe says, “Get there right fracking now!” and Apollo says “Got it, sick bay, RFN” and hangs up.

Oh yeah…what do they mean when they say “Sit Rep”. I heard them say something like this when they were communicating their position, etc. I understand that “sit” means situation but what is “rep”?

I put that in in a spoiler box because it’s hard looking at the words"killed the baby"

“sit rep” = situation report

I agree about the toasters, I think they were a specialized assault model, instead of the more easy-to-kill-with-normal-bullets type.

The president is starting to annoy me, in the first season she was a strong, likeable, admirable contrast to the galactica officers…now she’s a glass-eyed born-again prophet…it does make for intersting plotline though.

Especially because, since she is a religious figure now, you never know who is going to follow her instead of Adama. I think this is going to make for some interesting alliances and conflicts down the road. I also agree that these were Mark VII Assault Toasters, not the Mark III Stand There And Get Shot models. :smiley:

If so, does this constitute a new model that counts against the “there are 12 models of Cylons” thing?

Or are there 12 models of human Cylons?

I think the “12 models” is refering to human Cylons. The Toasters are just tools, like the Raiders and BaseStars.

Why did they wait for the Cylons to enter sick bay when we heard guys getting killed outside? Why not order the canon fodder to fall back to sick bay as well? They would at least have served as a shield for Our Heroes. :slight_smile: