Battlestar Galactica 3.1 & 3.2 — "Occupation" & "Precipice"

The Cylons appear to have done a much better job building New Caprica City than Baltar. Wow, Lee’s gotten fat. Kara was eating a steak (of what?).

Hmm, is Leoben’s last name “Agrajaj” perchance? :wink:

You suppose the bio toasters raise animals for food? Perhaps it’s an animal native to New Caprica.

Soylent Green?

Notice how it today’s “Marsday” not “Aresday”? Boomer’s cell has gotten alot nicer.

Well, Kacey bodes ill.
If he isn’t lying.
I hope they don’t go “V” with the half breed baby stuff.


Suicide bombers are now the good guys.

That is all.

I don’t want Kara to show any maternal instincts for Casey.

Too late. Aww.

Leoben is so delightfully insane.

It is becoming rather disturbing.
Let’s stab some more Cylons with kitchen implements.

Is Gaius still seing the “imaginary” Number Six?



Yes, but rarely apparently.

Hmm, Helo and Sharon tie the knot, and Adama chooses to trust Sharon as an officer again, lets just hope that trust is worthwile

Cylon-on-Cylon violence now, hmm, the Meatbags are becoming what they hate more and more, wonder when they’ll realize they have more in common with Humans than they care to admit…

But is Caprica-6 still seeing the imaginary Gaius? Oh and Sharon Valerii is now Sharon AGATHON! And she’s back in the Colonial Fleet.

It seems he only sees “her” when the real, original Six is not there(after she was shot).

Perhaps it is the same for her.

DIE ELLEN DIE!!! Motherfrakking traitor-whore! Oh and I’m pretty sure Gaeta want’s to frak Baltar in more ways than one. Enter Zarek.

Only when she is dead.

Ron Moore must die.

Godsdamn that Ron Moore and his cliffhangers.

Madame President is alive in the preview for next week.
Never mind.

Gee, the gunfire must have been Boomer and Company shooting the Cylons. What a dumb literary device.

Whoa!!! what an ending, GREAT start to S3

offscreen “summary execution”

Meatbag on Meatbag violence

Meatbags may start realize they’re more like humans then they thought

Sharon’s recommisioning and Kara’s softening to Leoben shows the hatred for the meatbags may be waning slightly

so, we have the hardline “Kill All Humans” Meatbags (XenaBot and Lionel Preacherbot 2.0)
the Humans GOOOOOD!!! meatbags (Six and Sharon)

and the Undecideds (Leoben and Docbot)
lots of interesting new angles too, will Kara become the “Best Mommy in the fleet”?, will she warm up to Leo (i’m getting tired of typing his whole name, so i’ll call him Leo for short), will Casey become “Best Kid in the Fleet” (maybe half-best, or second best, maybe, after all she’s only half Human :wink: ) can Sharon (Galactica Boomer Rev. 2.0) be trusted, will there be a schism between the “K.A.H.” Toasters and the “H.G.” Toasters, how long will Ellen live once Tigh finds out she’s frakkin’ Lionel PreacherBot (i figure her lifespan will be measured in microseconds if Tigh finds out)

it’s clear at least Rosylin survives the “execution”, as she’s seen in next-week’s promo (unless Ron& crew decide to use more flashbacks again, AIEEE!!!

okay, i’ll stop rambling now and watch the second screening